Little Steps to a Good Life

On the occasion of World Water Day, we got a chance to experience an interesting initiative with Nestle India, take a look...


A good, healthy and beautiful life is all we need and dream of. While some enjoy it as their routine are are privileged, for many it’s a bit of tussle and have to strive hard for it. On the occasion of World Water Day, we got a chance to experience the latter. All thanks to the volunteering initiative of Nestlè India , which was all about telling the under-privileged children of the capital city the very importance of clean drinking water and how water as a natural resource needs to be saved and used with utmost care and respect. Here’s the glimpse of it…

Every Child is a Winner and The Picture Expresses it Well…

A brand that’s synonymous to good food and good life has been associated with volunteering activities for the children below the poverty line, or under-privileged internationally for quite a few years now. World Water Day happens to be one such key days when it’s employees across all the portfolios join hands to help and create awareness among the said class , in some of the most interesting, fun-learning and innovatives ways as possible.

Taking Initiatives for Creating Awareness

We spent an amazing time watching and understanding the community services on the occasion of Water Day. Water is one of the important natural resources that’s used in the most casual ways all over the world, despite the fact that there are many regions that don’t get clean drinking water in abundance. By involving in the awareness drives, especially to the section that has a little idea about the basic cleanliness, and usage of drinking water, we were eager to participate as a volunteer ourselves. ” We have been working with such communities to create awareness about water, it’s importance, hygiene and cleanliness. It’s a fun session and I’m yet to meet someone who felt unhappy after contributing for a cause as beautiful as this one,” said Sanjay Khajuria, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs, Nestle India during the briefing to his employees.


Post the briefing and a fun luncheon with team, we soon headed to the venue where the children from these communities were gathered to brief, play learning games with and later engage them in a creative art-work to spread he message of world water day.

The children were the real gems of this whole initiative. Their innocence, their eagerness, and their attentiveness was absolutely bang on! While most of them had a fair understanding of clean drinking water, many were clueless about the unhealthy effects of contaminated water. They were told by the volunteers of the brand how a simple basic routine of ‘handwash’ can save them with many harmful diseases, and how boiling the water

Beautiful Message Indeed…

before drinking is a must, if the RO facility is not around. What we actually liked about the whole initiative was the fact that none of the sessions were all about lectures but playful learning and teaching. The children were pretty happy to gain this interesting knowledge from the mentors and actively participated in the creative work later…

Creating Learning, Conveying Message

Yes, this was the most fun-full part of the day when these children showed their creative skills and conveyed the message of saving water in the most beautiful way possible. They not just showed it with beautiful illustrations and quotes, but also explained about their art-work, sans any reluctance.

Well, if the end-result turns out to be as lovely as this, who says that one can’t share goodness? Just open your eyes and take your ‘little’ steps, as each one counts… you see!