Demystifying Lasers – A New-age Beauty Treatment

There is science in being beautiful, and you can get the desired results with the new-age lasers. Let's read more about it...


Looking good, flawless and younger are a few beauty essentials that many women around wish for. While some believe in the philosophy of being natural, being the way they are, we feel that it’s equally good to believe in technology-based skincare and check out the best possible treatments available that can assure ‘looking good, feeling fab’.

Getting rid of the natural hair, long-time acne scars and sagging skin or even pigmentation are few key concerns of many women and for time immemorial they have been conveniently depending on the age-old tried and tested ways like waxing, facials, cosmetics, bleaching and, granny’s home treatments. While these so-called pocket-friendly ways seem to be the best budget options, not many realize that the long-time cost is higher and the effectiveness is shorter. That’s where the new-age treatment Laser is what one must go for and learn more about it. We bring to you Alma Lasers, an international brand that manufactures and provides cosmetic laser solutions to all your concerns and demystify this newest technology…

Alma Lasers, Your Safe Solution to Unwanted Hair…

Lasers, What You Must Know

The brand has some of the most innovative, effective and painless laser equipments that the best of the dermatologists all around the world vouch for. We recently got a chance to know more about the brand and it’s advance level laser machine – SopranoIce at one of the most beautiful beauty clinics – Skinnovation in the national capital.

The Founding experts Dr. R. K. Gupta, a dermatosurgeon with more that 35 years of experience is one of the most respected dermatologist who has helped the laser treatments grow in India. He one of the few men dermatosurgeons who is considered to be the pioneer in the laser treatments, and we had a candid conversation with him at his plush clinic during the know-how of Sopranoice. ” There are a lot of myths related to lasers but I feel women are becoming aware gradually and I have many such patients who come to me with a basic idea about lasers. Hair removal is one of the concerns for many women, especially the under-arm region and Alma lasers Sopranoice is quite an effective and painless solution for the same. You will be surprised to know that a lot of men today are going for hair removal treatments and they find laser to be one of the convenient options,” said Dr. Gupta.


The Myths & Facts About Lasers

Skinnovation Clinic has some of the finest Alma lasers equipments and it was indeed a pleasant surprise to know that the Founders try and test most of these treatments on themselves. ” I have personally tried many treatments and this is important as only then I know how effective it is and if the treatment has any side-effects or so. I would like to treat patients who can come to my clinic with some awareness at least. Lasers is not new now but the myths like it is an expensive treatment or it is going to harm the skin is what we need to clear and tell people more about the long-term advantages of it,” added Dr. Rajat Gupta, Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon who also happens to be Dr. R.P. Gupta’s son and the Founding Directors of Skinnovation Clinics.

Interiors at Skinnovation Clinics!

It  is indeed true. Most of us have a certain reluctance to lasers, be it for hair removal, for treating acne marks, or even for pigmentation. A lot of women or even men feel that it’s not safe to go for lasers, or that it is going to cost a bomb, or even for that matter, laser will burn the skin. Yes, it does cost a certain amount initially but if you compare it with your monthly expense on parlours or salons and calculate, you will find that this one time investment is less expensive than the lifelong expenditure on salons beauty clinics.

The Secret Behind Your Beauty Gadget

Soprano ICE1, Your Laser Beauty Gadget…

Lasers, rather is one of the most safest skincare solutions to your concerns. Sopranoice is just one laser technique or equipment that falls under the varied range of laser techniques offered by Alma Lasers. The very fact that the brand is now in India is a sign that people are warming up to the idea of laser beauty. They also have Alma Harmony XL PRO, SHR just to name a few. ICE is an advance cooling technology (see pic ) that minimizes the risk of burns and maintains heat within the dermis where the hair follicles are being treated during removal.

Lasers are Painless & Safe

This is one important thing that you must know, and it’s not us telling you but the experts like Dr. Anil Ganjoo, Dermatosurgen, Laser & Aesthetic Physician. ” Lasers are absolutely safe, and are perfect to treat areas that have thicker hair growth, like underarms or even bikini lines. There are times when I have told my patient  that she doesn’t need a laser, or that the hair is thin so you shouldn’t be expecting good results. Lasers work wonderfully well for pigmentation or acne marks. There is no denying the fact that skin will age with time but with laser treatments, all you do is push it a bit and delay the process further. What’s the harm, if things are done in the safest parameters and the patient goes back happy and confident,” summed Dr. Ganjoo, who has more than two decades of experience in this field and has been the visiting Dermatologist to the former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Looking beautiful is not a miracle but there is science behind it and with brands like Alma Lasers, you know that your beauty will be well taken care. How about taking that little step forward to the science of beauty and saying bye-bye to the salon visits? It’s just a laser, you see…