Treat Your Tastebuds The Grand Way


If you are all set for your weekend mode, then it’s time to activate your tastebuds. After all, there’s this new restaurant The G.T. Road that has recently opened it’s doors for the foodies of NCR. We were excited to experience it and visited it this March within 10 days of it’s opening…


Located bang in the heart of the national capital, The G.T. Road is super-spacious, and has a certain warmth that envelops you once you step inside. Right at the entrance is displayed the classic vintage model (see pic below) which seems to welcome you or you can say tempt you to check out the place further. With a rustic Indian ambience, the restaurant is primarily a buffet concept and thus, it’s kinda sorted. We know, you are busy women after all, and like the server to understand your tastebuds… just like that!

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Rustic Yet Classy

This newbie will sure not disappoint you as once you settle at your table, the  grills on your table is set, for you to simply sit and enjoy the yum kebabs. The flavours are basic for kebabs and you find it a safe bet. But what will delight you further is the vast menu that the server brings, despite the restaurant being a buffet one. Each dish has a decent mention of it’s place of origin. So, if you find the name of the dish confusing, or a bit unfamiliar, you can easily sort out your order by going through the regions. Wonder how the restaurant managed to fit-in the massive variety of 2600 km journey (mentioned right at the entrance)

We had a fab time trying oIMG_20170312_201435ut the kebabs and the drinks (mocktails) before we finally moved to the main course. The best in the starters was the chaat that was served from the live chaat counter. It had all the right flavours to tickle the tastebuds and get in the mood for the main course.

Lavish Buffet Menu

The main course was as experience to remember as the chef seemed to have left no stone unturned to present the best of all the regions. But then, that’s a bit confusing as well, especially if you think of placing your order after going through the menu. And so, we loved the concept of buffet, which the chef told us changes every week, considering it’s a 2600km long cusine journey…

We tried all the vegetarian versions like Dal Sulltani, Paneer Methi Malai, Baigan ka Bhurta, and so along with Moong Dal ka Shorba as the appetizer. Each dish had a homely flavour and spices were well in place. Though, we don’t know much about the authentic GT flavours, you see. Bu then, eating out has to be a happy experience rather than a IMG_20170312_204124research or getting into the nitty-gritty of dishes!

Last was the dessert counter, and let us tell you that this one is fantastic counter of this cozy restaurant. The chef will spoil you for choices, and we sure were utterly confused after going through the lavish display of desserts. Right fro Afghan Burf, to Sheer Khurma, Kalakand, Julebi, you wonder what not to try. A couple of sweet dishes did stand out..

The G.T. Road makes a perfect choice for women, be it the working one or the shopaholic. And, since afternoon buffet has special offer you might like to consider it for your weekend!

Price for Two: On Request