The Right Food Supplement for a Healthy You

Is your busy routine taking a toll on your healthy diet? It's time to add the right food supplements and we tell you which one...


When your days are busy and the best of the nutrition is missing in your diet, it’s time to add the power dosage of nutrition in the yummiest possible ways and we will tell you how.

A woman plays a pivotal role in a family and also the society. But what’s shocking is to know that more than 50% Indian women are weak and anemic. A recent study reveals that 7 out of 10 women have Vitamin D deficiency, More than 40 % of women are underweight when they begin with their pregnancy and 31% of the women show abnormal lipid or cholesterol levels.


If your diet is lacking the major nutrients because of your busy routine, one of the popular direct-selling brands- Netsurf has formulated Naturamore for Women, a vegetarian and herbal nutritional food supplement blended with essential nutrients that are vital for women. We got a chance to experience it and see the results and it’s effectiveness.

Wonders of Naturamore

Naturamore, is a food supplement powder that comes is a decent size and packing (see pic). The flavour however is strawberry, which is good but limited of course. We would have loved to see it in chocolate or hazelnut, maybe.. Well, the important thing is to know that the power dose is loaded with some amazing ingredients to boost your immunity and stamina. Heavy on proteins like Soya and Omega 3, the power can be easily added to a glass of water, or milk to kick-start the day with. If you are a vegan types, then this powder can ie added in soups or even in juices. Infact, in a citrus fruit juice, this tastes really good.

Naturamore, a Healthy & Vegetarian Food Supplement for your Busy Life!

One also needs to understand that any healthy diet supplements are not about taste but primarily about health. And, with Naturamore, you get to see the results within a week. More active body , visible appetite for the right diet, and strength towards the end of a busy day. The presence of Lycopene seem to be doing wonders on skin as you see visibly radiant skin, but we cannot say this with surety if it was because of this particular ingredient only. Also, the presence of right amount of Iron and Folic acid is good for anemic women.

It’s good to be busy but it’s very important to take care of yourself even in the busy routine. With Naturamore of Netsurf, you are sure that just a teaspoonful of this wonder supplement will do the needful…