Smartphone, Coolest Camera for your Travel Photography

This season of travel, make sure to travel light and without your DSLRs. After all, you have the best of smartphones to click and capture...


Travelling to the best of the destinations becomes all the more fun and excitement when you know that you are carrying the best of the photography tool with you, to bring back the best of the memories. And, when we say the best of the photography tool, we certainly don’t mean a bulky and a cumbersome DSLR but the sleek and chic smartphones.

Yes, for a lot of women travellers (not the die-hard professional photographers),  a good handy smartphone is all what they need when they are off to their favourite travel destinations. A smartphone is easy to tuck-in anywhere and is a hassle-free way of taking pictures of the scenic and touristy places. But make sure not to settle for any smartphone!

The Surreal Changu Lake towards Nathula Pass, Near Indo-China Border, Sikkim

The newest Redmi Note4 from Xiaomi India comes as a pleasant surprise for a traveller, who wants to captures the best of the nature, style, travel or even food while travelling. With just 13MP rear camera, Redmi Note4 is one of the best options for travel photography, especially when you don’t wish to spend hours in taking professional shots and when your smartphone does all the needful in no time…

Capturing The Beauty of Sikkim

We travelled to the beautiful and scenic West Bengal and Sikkim, two of the most amazing states of India recently. Redmi Note4 was our click partner for this trip and see how beautifully we managed to click some of the best of these states, without using any filters or even changing the basic settings. Though, we did try to experience the smartphone in other modes and it gave some great results.

Yak standing at 12000ft Height, Redmi Note4 Captured the Nature & him Beautifully!
Rumtek Monastery, the Colours Came Well with Smartphone Click…


While the first stop was WB, we are featuring the beauty of lovely Sikkim in this travel feature first. This was our first to any state of the North East of India, and we must tell you that one trip to Sikkim is sure not enough. We went to the state capital Gangtok, which happens to be one of the modern towns of the Sikkim. The city is known for it’s panoramic view, lush greens, the famous Rumtek Monastery and some of the scenic lakes and waterfalls.. We first made a trip to the famous Changu Lake, officially known as Tsomgo Lake (see pics above), one of the most well-known glacier lakes of India. This is located at at elevation of more than 12000ft, a few km before Nathula Pass. The journey to the lake is an experience in itself, and throughout you keep your smartphone in the video or photo mode, so as not to miss any of the natural beauties. RedMi Note4 disappoints you nowhere, be it the memory, the photo quality or even the modes.

Day two was all about the touristy spots of the city like Tashi View point, Ganesh Temple, or the Cactus garden (we couldn’t spot a single cactus there), and the world famous Rumtek Monastery. With a handy smartphone of Xiaomi, we were pretty sure of the pictures by now. Rumtek is probably one of the most colourful worshipping places we ever visited, and every corner of it deserved to be captured in the right frame. You can see the pictures above, which again have been featured.. untouched!

Capturing Nature, Slightly Black & White…

Beautiful Bengal

The trip started with a first stop to the tourist destination Darjeeling, in West Bengal. There’s something charming about Darjeeling even though the city is super-congested. The whole vintage, old-world feel makes you go awe with it. The lush tea estates, the tall trees, the natural tiny waterfalls, and the decaying architecture are some of the key features of the city.

Waterfall at the Famous Rock Garden in Darjeeling

But what captures all your attention is the oldest and highest railway tracks in the world- Himalayan Railway tracks and the ride on the famous Steam Engine train. We had an amazing time experiencing this iconic train-ride, and for a while forgot that we are in a city that sure needs some serious attention in terms of the filth, pollution and congestion.


The ride is a sheer delight, and we must tell you that this is one of the most expensive train travels for the shortest distance (Ghoom), if you thought the other way… The very sound of the steam engine, the whistle, the speed with which it runs and the expression and gestures of each and every passenger who boards the train, all these things together make it a wonderful experience to go down the memory lane.

And if not, than thanks to the smartphone photography that we did using the sleek and sturdy Redmi Note4, you are sure that the clicks will be refreshing the memories for the years to come. Apart from this, Darjeeling has a lot of other interesting places to visit, like the Rock Garden where we got this beautiful shot of the waterfall (see the pic above), or the Botanical garden and Zoo where you can get to see Red Panda, snow Leopard, Bengal Tiger and some rare, exotic bird species.

The Scenic Tea Estates is the Key Feature of Darjeeling. Captured with Redmi Note4

For a traveller, it’s never enough when it comes to photography. But with a handy smartphone, you not just take pictures, but also keep your social media updated while you travel. Not every traveller is a pro, well, with a smartphone like Redmi Note4…. you don’t need to be actually!


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