Bizarre Beauty Trend of Butt Glitters, are You Game?

As if Glitter Boobs were not enough, we now have the new bizarre beauty trend of glittering BUTTS. Take a look and see if you are game for it or not!


Beauty is a never-ending process, especially in the era of social media where everyone’s busy flaunting and showing something unusual and out-of-the-box. So, if we tell you that now you can flaunt your butts.. Yes, BUTTS the sparkling and glittering ways, you shouldn’t jumping off your couch and say, Like how??

Featuring TheGypsyShrine whose Glittering Shot has Been Trending on Instagram…

Butt Glitters, Newest Craze on Instagram

Yes, this is one of the newly trending hashtags on Instagram and a lot of Instagrammers are going for it and showing off their assets in the sparkling best. Inspired from the sandy beach bums, this new look has been trending for a while in the makeup-lovers community and is going crazier with each passing day.

Butts that Glitter are Gold, Sort of..

Created by Mia Kennington, a London-based makeup artist, for the ones featured here, this beauty look took off the moment she shared it on here Instagram. Now, what makes it all the more bizarre is the very fact that the glitters (stray aways) are sure to reach your nether regions and there’s no way you can keep it safe and clean from the glitters.

This only tells you that this crazy beauty trend is only for the daring body-types who can strut on the streets in bare essentials as this make up needs to be shown off, right?

Image: Thrillsoftomorrow

What’s Interesting?

The craze is certainly not new and one of it’s kinds as last seasons fashion and beauty trends did get to witness BOOB Glitters with celebs like Miley Cyrus and models like Binx Walton showing off their glittering nipples… just like that!

We seriously wonder, if the Indian Instagrammers are game for it or not? Only time and Insta feeds will tell…