Stylish & Sporty Add-ons for Gym Workouts

Are you hitting the gym each morning? Make sure to put your Stylish foot forward on the treadmill next time, & we tell you how...


Fitness is the newest motivation for a lot of women out there. Well, staying fit and healthy means being happy and frolic 24X7, so it’s good to be motivated, you see…But what if we tell you to add a dash of Style and Comfort to your workout sessions, especially the one’s that you indoors?

Yes, your gym training sessions are all about being you in the most comfortable avtaar. And the newest range of Asics training shoes offer you not just comfort but a great amount of style that’s perfect for the gym training.

Asics Fit YUI, Makes a Perfect Choice for your Morning Jog & Fitness Routine..


Fit YUI by Asics India

The newest add-on to the Asics range of training shoes for women is the Fit YUI. We have been using and trying them for last couple of months, and the pair has been simply fantastic, right from jogging to planks and squats.

Indoor workout styles don’t allow you much to experiment with footwear. Women opt for the workout and then go for the pair of sport shoes that’s well-suited just for that particular workout. Which means, you will be restricting yourself from the other interesting training techniques. That’s where Fit YUI from Asics India plays a key role. These shoes are light-weight and performance-driven training shoes. So, be it the treadmill, the floor exercises like pilates pr planking, or even the weights, the transition to any of these in this chic pair is super-smooth.

The Snug-fit Makes it a Wonderful Choice for Floor Exercise..

Don’t mind if we tell you that we have tried them outdoorsy too for the regular run or cycling and the pair gives you equal level of comfort there too. What we particularly lined about this pair (see the pics) is the easy handling and quick wear and taking off. You feel it’s like a slip-on and well-cushioned to give a very snug fit.. like something hugging your feet!


Fitness Motivation With Styligh Gear

Oh yes, if you have the right fitness attires, it adds a great amount of confidence and a motivation to tone your body for some good immunity and stamina. Well, we are not asking you to lose weight and thus, go for a stylish wardrobe. All you need is a well-fit, good-looking and trendy fitness wardrobe to do justification to such a wonderful pair of training shoes. We made sure to flaunt them during our recent Staycation at the luxurious Westin Resort & Spa, Sohna. The candid shots in this feature were clicked in this beautiful resort (feature coming soon)

Staying fit and feeling good about yourself should always be the mantra of your life. Just make sure to add the right amount of style to add that punch to your mantra! After all, what matters is YOU…

More About the Product

Called as Gel-Fit YUI, these shoes were designed keeping a studio athlete in mind. The fit and the lightweight feature seem to be the key points of this pair. Based on rearfoot gel system, to control and balance the shock impact during strenuous workouts, it also helps you in shifting from one training exercise to the other, comfortable.

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