A Scenic Gem for your Mind, Body & Soul: Kairali Ayurvedic Village

When travel is on your mind and wellness and peaceful life is what you are looking for, it's time to visit Kairali, the Ayurvedic Healing Village and we tell you why ...


Rare are the occasions when you get to travel to destinations that are a power-pack of scenic beauty, lush green surroundings, offbeat location, super-healthy cuisine, and fantastic wellness therapies to relax & heal at. But guess what? We got a chance to explore one such fab destination, called Kairali, the Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala. Featuring the refreshing experiential of our 4-days stay at this sought-after, award-winning ayurvedic wellness resorts of India!

Travel for your Well-being… Kairali the Healing Village

Luxurious Wellness & Relaxing Destination

Wellness and healthy lifestyle are a few things that have been doing the rounds for quite some time. But most of us are too busy to even take a plunge and experience the difference it brings to our lives. That’s when one needs to take a travel break, to holistic and healing places like Kairali!

Kairali is not a newbie when it comes to wellness resorts or the ayurvedic healing destinations. Rather, it’s one of the oldest ones, which has it’s own set of fan-following and some amazing global list of travellers. Well, it was our first experience with this lovely resort and the experience was one amazing one indeed…

The Lovely Cottage Where we Stayed at Kairali…

The picture above is of the cottage where we were staying in during the 4-days long rejuvenation trip. Yes, it’s important to highlight ‘Rejuvenation’ right in the beginning as this destination is all about relaxation, treatments, healthy lifestyle, and peaceful stay, midst the tropical setting of Palakkad, Kerala.  The 50 acres of healing center has around 30 cozy cottages, built on the old architectural format with quite an eco-friendly approach. Each cottage is unique, so we can happily say that the we stayed at was one of it’s kinds…


It was interesting to know that the cottages are now getting refurbished, considering it’s been a while and the travellers today are looking for some modern facilities other than the holistics and wellness approach!

We loved this rural setting, even the presidential suites (just two) have a very vintage feel and make a perfect choice for small families who wish to be at this resort for recreational and relaxation purpose. The cottages are limited and so you have a feel of privacy and peace both. The greens and the exotic tress, the organic and herbal garden, the pond with some lotus blooming, the jackfruit, the mango, and coconut trees literally make you feel refreshed instantly. The whole setting is enough to bring you to the healthy lifestyle mode in just no time…

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Healthy Package of Therapies & Cuisine

Now, comes the core strength of Kairali, Ayurveda, which is what it is known for internationally. The stay at this resort is primarily about treatments, not just any pampering one but a healing one! We got a chance to interact with Dr. Chandrasekhar, an expert Nadi Vadiya who has been with Kairali since inception. He was candid enough in sharing the lifestyle issues that today’s travellers have and how people find the center a complete package of healthy living. Indeed it is one unique ayurvedic wellness destinations that’s a complete package of what Dr. Chandrasekhar said. Let’s start with the treatments first…


Ayurvedic Treatments, G-string Style

Oh yes, we had a wonderful back-to-back three days therapies lined up for detoxifying and relaxing the stiff muscles that usually the city life tends to give you. Hang on! The therapies are unlike any fancy ones that you usually experience at a luxe Spa. These are the traditional ones that have been around in the Ayurvedic medicinal history for centuries, and Kerala is globally known for it’s ancient-style healing. The picture above is how the treatment room looks like. But before you head to this room, you are taken to the changing room by two masseuses. You are offered a g-string style piece of cloth, closely resembling to loin cloth of the ancient times. They makes you feel comfortable considering you are not ready to bare all in front of these strangers, even if they are women, you see!

Once you are ready with your g-string, which is there at your nether region just for the heck of it actually, you are given a wraparound cloth, and are escorted to the treatment room, where you shed that cloth just to lie down on the treatment table. This is an amazing wooden one, sticky and oily and that’s where your masseuses help you to fix in a position. We experienced Abhyangam on day1 to acclimatize the body for Kadhikizhi for next two days. The best part of these massages is the herbal oils that they use but the worse is when they loosen the tiny little string of your G-string and all you can do is close your eyes a just go with the flow. Anyways, coming to the ingredients,you don’t know what they are but you feel better in just one session. While Abhyangam is a full-body warm oil massage, followed by a steam (the steam box is unique and ancient here), Kadhikizhi is potli massage, wherein the potlis are stuffed with some herbal ingredients and soaked in hot oil/steam to destress your body and remove toxins, again followed by a steam!

Vegetarian & Healthy Cuisine

The second part of the healthy package is food here, which is pure vegetarian and ‘Satvik’ . Now, here comes the challenge for travellers who are used to fancy foods, junk eating habits, and non-vegetarian food lovers. This is one place which offers only vegetarian food, cooked in the age-old style of slow cooking, using less oil and spices. We absolutely loved it and observed that the food is high on fiber and each day has fixed meal plan based on your treatment and package that you opt for. We experienced both the Kerala Sadhya Meal and the regular healthy diet cuisine.

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A Very Satvik Approach to Cuisine is Followed at Kairali!

Right from freshly cut fruits, to soups, and small portions of main course, the food at Kairali is a bliss for a vegetarian, especially the one’s who love less-oil/spice. Not just this, the exclusive cooking workshops that the resort offers with it’s packages is like an add-on to your healthy experience. We got to try and taste some recipes during a Chef demo session, the details of which will be featured in the Ayurvedic food guide in our next feature.

But this whole vegetarian and super- healthy can be a major setback for the ones who are not used to this lifestyle, particularly food and we could sure see that with our fellow travellers. We also spoke to some international travellers who found it difficult initially but since health was the criteria, they were happy with the whole vegetarian approach!


Well, that’s exactly what Ayurvedic lifestyle teaches you and there’s nothing better than taking the healthier route in your life, even when it comes to travel. How about taking a soulful trip to a destination that’s awaiting to welcome you- Happily…healthily!

Fact File:

Kairali offers some interesting packages that you can check on it’s official website. For Rejuvenation & Detox treatment package for a week, the price for single occupancy deluxe villa is INR 82460 (exclusive taxes), and Double occupancy deluxe is INR 140420 (exclusive taxes)

If you are looking for Panchkarma treatment for a fortnight, the price for single occupancy deluxe villa is INR 187460 (exclusive taxes), and double occupancy deluxe villa is INR 325920 (exclusive taxes)

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Other Amenities at Kairali

The healing village boasts of a wonderful meditation center, a lovely swimming pool with hammocks around, amphitheatre, indoor gym, recreational room for indoor games , just to name a few. We had a chance to experience a splendid Shadow Puppetry, which we are going to feature soon in the Art section of Allwhatshewants..