Luxurious Staycation for a Perfect Relaxation



When the season of scorching heat becomes unbearable, especially if you are residing in the national capital region of India, it’s time to take a quick getaway break to revive and catch up on your luxe needs. This idea is certainly not weird, if you are a bit surprised by it anyway. Staycations are one of the newest ways of catching up on your travel cravings. With a busy life, you are sometimes not fortunate enough to go on a leisure trip to exotic locales but how about enjoying the same luxury in your own city? That’s what we did at MBD Radisson, Noida, take a look…

Privé Stay at Radisson MBD, Noida…

Luxurious Leisure with Prive Staycation


Radisson Blu MBD in Noida is one of the oldest 5-star hotels in NCR. While the hotel boast of a sincere business clientele, the newest add-on to this property is MBD Privé Collection. This is the finest luxury stay that the hotel is offering on a few select floors it’s hotel. We stayed with the hotel over a weekend recently to experience the stay here at Privé. The pictures around are sure giving you an idea how the stay was like but we’re gonna elaborate on other aspects and details here…

Once you are in your Privé room, the first thing that you notice is the interiors, and the decor. It’s quite impressive and is inspired by Venetian and French traditions. But there are a lot of Indian elements around, especially the furnishing which has intricate Dabka work on it. It’s is leisure and luxury both. If you still don’t start to feel it, you are soon greeted by your own Private Butler who briefs you about the services and how he’s  around at your disposal 24X7. That’s when you get the feel of pampering and luxe stay right in your neighbourhood!

Do Nothing Weekend

That’s the core purpose of a staycation, do nothing… Literally! You start feeling the same at Privé  in no time. The room welcomes you with a complimentary bottle of wine, and in no time you start enjoying the comfort and relaxation that’s much  needed in a hectic lifestyle.


For women who are otherwise busy balancing work family life, Privé is a bliss! We had our little reviewer with us and thus, we can say that the place makes a wonderful choice for some mum-daughter me-time. Right from enjoying the cuisines, to fun time in the pool, and some hair pampering services at the hotel’s salon, the stay will revive you instantly. And, once you are back to your room, you simply don’t want to miss on the royal feeling that it offers. Your butler keeps the bathtub ready with rose petals to soak in, a special cheese platter is waiting to be paired with the complimentary wine, while your little one’s busy watching her fave on the big TV screen, wearing the silken robe, tucked-inside the cosy queen-size bed…

IMG_20170521_115228 IMG_20170521_155353 IMG_20170521_155949

We had a lovely time experiencing this floor of the hotel. But this is not enough as the hotel has fab restaurants that you would certainly not like to miss on. So, we had a quite dinner in Made in India, and a special lunch at RED, the southeast Asian restaurant with their adorable Expat chef Raymond Sim. The dishes were a perfect match to the stay that we were enjoying.

What’s Interesting?

Privé offers a lot of complimentary services during your stay at a very decent price package. The one that you may not like to miss on is the evening cocktails at the exclusive Privé Lounge. That’s a place where you can simply relax over a candid chat with your partner or the one with whom you are staying, over some cheese and drinks. We had a good time there post a nice swim in the lovely pool of the hotel.

You will be be surprised that your weekend comes to an end sexterior_1440x550o quickly midst these luxuries. But what’s assured is that you go back super-revived..

Things that we Tried: Pool, Salon Services, F&B (Including all-day dining over breakfast), Privé Lounge…

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