Heal & Be Hale With Wellness Food


They say, “You are what you Eat!” Quite an old saying though, but pretty much relevant even today. No wonder, you don’t need to go into the literal meaning of it  but the fact that your health, your immunity, your fitness and your strength has a direct connect to what you eat and how you eat.

Food has come a long way, both in terms of cuisine, and in terms of recipes. From just being a basic essential to survive, food works as healing too. And, who could have guessed it correctly than our very own Ayurveda?

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Healing Recipes With Kairali

When we say Ayurveda, the name that instantly comes to our mind is Kairali, the Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala (the one that we visited recently). While we had our fair share of the amazing healing and healthy food, offered at this lovely wellness resort, the brand seems to be adding something more authentic and cuisine-driven with it’s newly introduced concept of Healing Recipes-Back to Roots.

Scheduled in the coming week at their plush resort in Kerala, this is a three-day long healthy food seminar or experience that’s going to witness the culinary creativity from some of the the expert chefs of India, infused with the ancient experte of Kairali and Ayurveda as a whole.


The recent press conference in the capital had Madhulika Dash, Curator & Co-Founder, Healing Recipes–Back to Roots who briefed about the event and the idea about how food can heal, if cooked well and with the right ingredients. We got a chance to meet and interact with Geeta Ramesh, Jt. Managing Director,  Kairali Ayurvedic Group. This was one important interaction as we had been trying to follow her fortnight-long weight-loss and healthy meal plan from her book – The Ayurvedic Cookbook, and it was interesting to hear when she said, ” It’s important for women to take out time for themselves, especially when it’s about food. We are into multi-tasking, so how can this be difficult to follow a healthy and satvik diet? Even if you are busy, learn to take out time for yourself,” she summed.

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How true! Food has a direct connect with our fitness and immunity. One doesn’t need to have follow a certain diet for weight-loss, but for wellness. That’s exactly what Healing recipes concept is all about.

With this platform, the resort is blending ancient food wisdom and modern culinary practices. Chefs like Manjit Singh Gill (From ITC Hotels), Vikas Seth (Mexican expert), Abhijit Saha ( progressive cuisine guru), and Chetan Sethi (Indian cuisine specialist) will all be participating in this wellness culinary event.

We don’t need to be a chef or an Ayurvedic expert to understand the importance of healthy food and good eating habits. If we can follow just a few basics like clean eating, fresh on table, straight from the farm eating, or using fresh ingredients, preferably organic are some of the simple changes in food habits that can assure healing and health.. always!