Fine Dine the Healthy Way, at Sorrento


You don’t need a reason to dining out, especially when the season is just perfect to chill, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the best of the flavours. But still, we are adding one amazing reason excite your tastebuds and this time it’s healthy and nutritious menu at one of the finest restaurants of the capital city…

Sorrento at Shangri La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Sorrento, the award-winning Italian restaurant of Shangri La’s Eros Hotel has added a well-curated healthy menu and we got a chance to experience it recently. The menu is separate from the regular one and that makes it all the more special as you you don’t have to go through the entire menu of this beautiful Italian restaurant but just the one of your choice..

Super-refreshing Quinoa Salad, paired with a mild Champagne!

Fresh Ingredients & Soulful Flavours

First thing first and that has to be the ingredients and flavours. After all, the whole dining experience has to be about these two. At Sorrento you would get both for sure. And, not just any ingredients but fresh ones only. The first dish that came to our table was the Quinoa salad paired with a champagne. The portion is perfect to the price point that it comes at, and the flavours are intact till the last bite. We relished it like how, despite it being one summery afternoon!

IMG_20170619_145449We soon got into a candid discussion on the whole concept of healthy menu with the chef and how this is becoming women’s fave when they come to the restaurant over luncheons. In no time, we had a few more interesting dishes like Mushroom tortilla (not in pic) , Ricotta cheese (see in left), and, seasonal vegetable platter (below). Each portion was customized and thus, what you see here is a smaller amount of what’s actually offered. While the cheese was heavy and still yum, the vegetable platter was a delight. Each veggie was so well placed and combined with each other in a way that once it’s your mouth, you get the perfect flavours of each one, interwoven with the other. The tortilla was simply fab and loved every bit of it.


Sorrento gives you many reasons to visit this place again and again. The ambience is splendid and you get the fine dine experience even in a casual and candid setting. Since the restaurant is purely Italian, the healthy menu has some hi-cal dishes but you won’t feel guilty, anyway!


The last portion has to be desserts and that’s where you get a pleasant surprise. This beautiful-looking Olive oil cake is a sheer bliss!

Olive Oil Cake With Strawberry Sorbet… Yummm!!

We have been promoting natural sugar diet for some time but still we just couldn’t resist as the chef made sure to add a hint of sugar to it. the primary flavour if olive oil is what makes it an experience in itself. The berry sorbet is to break the palate and it sure works well. We don’t need to go further as we are quite sure that you are booking your table soon..

Did you just say, weekend? Sounds perfect!