Revamp Your House the WiFi Way


WiFi, is the newest way of life and how hard you may try to deny it, we all know that a WiFi-enabled surrounding makes us feel-at-home. Well, you now can actually get a fully automated home-sweet-home that’s there to open the doors once it senses you at the doorsteps, keeps your home cool in summers and heated in winters, just before you are about to come back home after a hectic day at work, and will play your favourite track to comfort you in your cozy corner of home.

Keep Your House Secured by Automated Add-ons…

Don’t jump off the couch as this kinda automated home is now possible and you don’t need to break your account for such WiFi-enabled technology.

Adding Technology to Comfort & Luxury

Home automation is coming up in a big way and there are already some major players like Apple, Amazon, Google Home, internationally who are leaving no stone unturned to make it a mainstream and easy-to-reach trend. Now when we say automated, all we mean is that you add some really cool features to your home that can be accessed through your smartphone, which is on a WiFi of course. Features like, controlling the temperature of your room via your smartphone, or pulling or rolling the blinds or curtains when you are not around. Needless to say, you can manage all this from your smartphone. Some brands are also offering WiFi  or bluetooth connected lamps for outdoor/indoor both, which turns on the moment you are about to enter your home or garden or backyard.

What’s Interesting? The best thing about such tech add-ons is that you can pre-set all the commands and the features will be well taken care.


Feel Secured With WiFi-enabled Doors

Apart from the pampering and comfort, the automated homes also provide you complete security when it comes to doors, cameras and so on. There are brands that are offering bluetooth enabled door locks that can be accessed only through your smartphones. Not just this, setting a WiFi camera for your home security is not expensive anymore.

And, this is not all. You can also add gadgets for house-hold chores when you are not in a mood to do a few. Like laundry-folding or even dusting or floor-cleaning. There are many brands that have robots for such chores and today, with time and demand, these facilities are becoming all the more affordable..

Home Automation is not a craze but the need of the time. It might be too early for a country like India but with WiFi and bluetooth it’s sure gonna pick up and carve it’s own niche.