Genie that Assures Wellness


Often in our busy scheduled, the key things get neglected and if we say a woman’s health top the list, it won’t be an exaggeration. As they say health is wealth, in today’s busy and erratic lifestyle this wealth is all the more precious.

Well, we are well aware that you are a super-busy woman of the 21st century and that’s why we are not suggesting you to hit the gym, get on a detox diet, go for a crash course for fitness or do the trendiest exercises for the healthier you. We are simply introducing you to this newly-launched interesting ‘women’s only’ wellness community, called Zena.

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Wellness with Zena, Share the Like-mindedness With Health Tips…

Zena is a wellness community that assures real life experiences, stories, tips, concerns, and much more when it comes to womens health. The brand is candidly calling it a Wellness Genie that will fulfill all your wellness curiosities and wishes. No wonder, the brand behind is of a woman only (as a Co-founder). Rhea Malvai, the co-founder & SMO of the brand, along with her partner Pranay Choudhry, Founder & CEO, started Zena a while back with a concept of offering a one-stop solution to women. ” Zena is a wellness app and we call it a genie. The app doesn’t work like other fitness apps that are more like tracker and have expert advice and information but it is like a community where women can come and share their own experiences and help others to understand, learn and get benefitted. It is like creating an ecosystem that assures all the wellness information in just one app. I have personally experienced how difficult it is for women who go through some ailment or an illness and look for the right advice, the expert information or even someone’s own experience. With this app, you know you are going to connect with like-minded women and experts who will help you occasionally with information and first-hand tips,” summed Rhea.

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That sure sounds a lot of fun and realistic. After all, who doesn’t want to have an all-in-one solution to health. What’s all the more interesting is that the app will study your behaviour and liking pattern and will help you out with information related to your own health issues and concerns. This ways, you won’t be wasting time on unnecessary updates. Additional, you can connect with experts, make friends with women who are going through what exactly you are going through, or mums who are similar to your age and have teen daughters and wish to know what are your experiences as a mum.

What’s Interesting? The app includes fitness, diet, mental, physical and emotional health and everything to do with present day lifestyle. The brand has some interesting wellness travel related experiences and updates too that will eventually be added once the community grows stronger.. Of course, it will. After all, this is exactly Allwhatshewants!