Mum-Daughter Travel Fun

Meet the new-age mums, who are busy, working and yet make sure to take their kids to places.. on their own.. just like that!


Gone are the days when travel was only about family fun and family time. The latest in travel are the mums who travel with their kids, daughters, sons.. or just like that, sans guilt!


Yes, today’s mums are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to travel. With a super-busy and hectic work cultures, not necessarily the parents get to travel and plan family trips together like a famacation. Should that mean the child should settle on no travel vacation?

Mum-child Vacations, the New Travel Trend!

Well, definitely not! Or, that’s what the mothers of the present time believe in. Any why not?   Many of them don’t have enough time to spend with the kids. Especially, mums with daughters feel so.. strongly. Therefore, a solo trip of mother and daughter is the best to strengthen the bond. And, Delhi-based Rashi Rohatgi Khan, Director, Wfive Communications Pvt. Ltd. is proving like how! This super-busy mom and entrepreneur has been travelling places with or without her partner but making sure to take her lovely daughter all over the world. Take a look at her journey.

Rashi with her Daughter Ain Khan…

“Travelling with your daughter surely creates an unforgettable memory for your lifetime. This is the best time to create a bond between a mother and a daughter. You both are free to do what you want to do, without any restrictions and limitations. A mother and a daughter trip is more of like going on a girl’s trip as a she is her daughter’s first friend. The trip becomes more enjoyable when you are with your daughter. From packaging to shopping, you have a partner in everything. You can do all insane things which you ever wanted to do in your lifetime when you are alone on a trip with your daughter,” says Rashi.

Travelled so Far?

“I have travelled to Singapore, Dubai, China, Oman and Bangkok with my daughter. Out of all the trips, the China trip was our favorite.” She has candidly shared about her Cruise vacation that she enjoyed as a family recently.

Why Women Hesitate?

A lot of women are not comfortable with the idea of solo travel, or travelling with the child without their partner. ” Women surely get worried on travelling without a man as they feel insecure or due to lack of confidence, etc. But when you travel alone with your child, you have to keep confidence in yourself as it is what you are showing to your children. I would say this to mums who have daughters. when she sees the fearlessness on your face, this will surely boost up the confidence in you daughters and this ways, she’s also learning to travel for future,” adds Rashi.

From one of Rashi’s Mum-daughter Vacations…

Planning The Trip, the Do’s & Don’ts

Rashi believes in planning well in advance as she feels, ” When you are travelling with your kids the planning needs to be in advance as you don’t want them to suffer in any condition. First you plan where to go, which place your daughter would love to visit? After that you book travelling tickets and search for accommodation. And then at last it comes, packing. I obviously take help from my partner for the planning of the trips when I go with my daughter because no matter how confident a woman is, her husband will always will be worried about his family. Also, it is very important to take help of others when you don’t have any idea about a new thing.”



Safe Travel, Always the Agenda

” No matter wherever I travel, I will surely plan a safe travel when I’m with my daughter as she has not even entered in her teenage yet. She’s vulnerable and so ‘m I. Therefore, I need to make sure that she is having a comfortable and sumptuous trip when she is with me. Also, I want a stress-free travel memory, you see..But yes! I surely want to go to an off-beat destination with my child and want to explore so many things, but first I want her to come to an age where she can understand and identify things. Maybe after few years we will step out for an off-beat trip.

Special Travel Tip

Like Mother, Like Daughter I feel that this is the best phrase to mimic the relationship between a mother and a daughter, which means a daughter mimics her mother and will surely do what her mother has already done,” sums Rashi..

Now, that’s quite an inspiration. Where are you heading to with your son/daughter this season?