Benefits of Fruits to Your Haircare Regime

Monsoon is about letting your hair down and enjoy but is your hair troubling you? We've found just the perfect solution...


This might be an awesome mausam for some fun travel, dining out and chilling out with friends but monsoon season is sure a big trouble for your locks. The limp, the hairfall, and the stickiness is something that does a whole lot of damage to your hair.

Does that mean we shouldn’t be stepping out and enjoy the showers? Of course not! Some good champi with a good hairoil is all that the season demands and a good hairoil that doesn’t leave any oiliness behind is exactly Allwhatshewants.

Treating Your Hair With Fruit-based Oil is the Need of the Season!

Hairoil With Fruit Benefits

Oiling your hair is a pretty well-known concept and we have been following this ritual from time immemorial. But what’s important is to understand that just oiling is not enough unless the hairoil applied on your curls has ingredients that assure haircare. And, that’s when the newest range of Fruit-based hairoils from Hair&Care comes in the picture.  The all new moisturising Fruit oils from the brand are making sure to offer a non-sticky feel in this weather particularly, along with the fruit benefits.


Yes, the latest from the brand has fruits like Strawberry to keep your hair smooth and shiny, Green Apple for hair growth, Olive to protect the keratin, Orange for a good conditioning, Pomegranate for strength and Mosambi for curing split ends and dandruff..

Huff, that’s quite a bit of ingredients out there. No wonder, the fragrance of the oils is pleasing as we tried and experienced them for a fortnight at least. What we especially liked about the products is that you can opt for either the green benefits or the red ones as the combination is pretty much based on the colors too.

Let the dampness around not spoil the playful mood of your hair. Just step out and enjoy the monsoons. just make sue to step out with the right hairstyle!