From Farm to Fashion: Organic Journey of Ethicus

If you believe in upgrading your style wardrobe with the finest of organic cotton, then make sure to know the farm to fashion journey of Ethicus...


The word Organic, be it in Food or in Fashion has off late been used in a very casual and non-serious way. To an extent that most of us have started finding it fishy the moment someone say’s, ” It’s Organic.”

Ethicus, Bringing Organic Cotton from Farm to Your Fashion Wardrobe…

Well, it’s true to an extent but not with brand’s that are making sure to bring organic fashion and style to your wardrobe from it’s generation’s old cotton farming culture that went the organic way.. way before the term was coined in. Let’s know the beautiful and ethical journey of Ethicus, the organic cotton fashion brand that’s made in India, right from the seeds to the final product!

Vijayalakshmi Nachiar, the Textile Expert & the Co-founder of Ethicus.

An Ethical & Organic Journey

Ethicus, is the brandin-child of Vijayalakshmi Nachiar, the Textile Expert & the Co-founder of Ethicus. Well, she’s certainly not the whole-sole behind the brand and her husband who’s primarily into the business of cotton farming (ginning to be precise) from generations is the one who takes care of the business front. But that certainly doesn’t take the credits that the lady deserves. She started the brand Ethicus some 8 years back when the textile industry, particularly the export was witnessing recession. ” I’m a textile expert by qualification and got married to the family of Jinners. Yes, my husband has been into the business of ginning, cotton farming for generations. Since we had been into this business for decades, we sure had a fair idea of organic. Also, we were always procuring the best of the cotton seeds and our thread and yarn was longer than the usual ones,therefore, shifting to the organic farming and developing the finest of cotton was never a big deal. But then, there came recession and the export was badly hit. We had piles of finest yarn with us and that’s when we decided to work with the best of karigars, got the age-old looms that were stacked as junk in one of the textiles factories down south and launched our own in-house brand. The journey has definitely not been easy as the country was not ready for the organic stuff back then. We had a few glitches initially, like the delay in getting the final product as master karigars were used to working in a different way, there were no set deadlines. That’s when we decided to get more and more people on board, started getting things done in-house, work with a close set of people who knew that the bulk assignments would keep coming from our end.. and, it’s been good 8 years now, and we are happy with the way Ethicus has shaped up,” said Vijayalakshami during our candid meeting at a coffee shop in the capital last week.

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What’s Interesting?

The brand showcased it’s latest collection “Mumbai Meri Jaan” in the capital along with some of the classic collections from the brand. While the brand started with cotton saris, home furnishings, stoles, suits, and some interesting kitchenwares, today after 8 years, Ethicus is primarily into organic saris, stoles, blouses, and some select styles of kurtas. ” We realized over the years that when it comes to cotton, sari is the staple and women, specially the working ones’ love to carry a cotton sari at their boardroom meetings with comfort and style. Also, since we work with the best quality cotton seed, the end result is like a master craftsmanship. Our colours don’t bleed at all even if it’s the rani pink, multi-coloured sari, the bright blues, or whichever you imagined would bleed otherwise. The texture is fine and the strength is what women actually look for in a cotton sari,” she summed.

No wonder, we absolutely loved each and every piece from the brand. What we especially admired is the way Ethicus is blending the Indian cotton and textiles with the beautiful English floral motifs (see pics above). Yes,the saris are premium and they are meant for women with deeper pockets and women who know the nuances of fine cotton and organic textiles.

We can say for sure that’s it’s time for you to upgrade your style wardrobe the Ethicus way!