For the Love of Gold Jewellery


The August month of festivals and celebrations is right here and no wonder, if the brand’ are leaving no stone unturned to woo the women who love indulgence. The month sees the kick-starting of Indian festivities, which is going to stay for the entire year now. But what’s interesting is the fact that some styles, trends, and indulgence are eternal and don’t depend on the celebration season.

Gold Necklace & Earrings are the Classic Styles for Festivals & Celebrations!

When we say eternal, it must be the time immemorial love for gold jewellery. Yes, no Indian festival is complete till you don’t give that Golden touch to your top-toe look. Be it the gold necklace, the gold pendants, the chunky earrings, the lovely-looking bangles.. the list is endless actually!

Why Gold Jewellery?

Well, if we give you the reason that it is one of the safest best, you would find it too old-fashioned to believe it. Thus, let’s say gold jewellery has never really gone out of fashion. It has been around in some style or the other. For women who are busy and working, the love for light weight gold necklace has made them go for this jewellery time and again. For women, who like with simple gold necklace or heavy gold necklace depending on the occasion and celebration, buying and investing on gold jewellery is always the first option. And, not to forget, the bride-to-be, how can she not fall in love with the heavy gold necklace, or the maang-tika, or even the heirloom gold bangles that her mum kept it just for her daughter’s special day?

Chokapora by CaratLane

Gold jewellery has a certain charm to it and women often feel live splurging on it even if it has to be a simple ring for the work purpose. The new trend of light-weight diamonds encrusted in the intricate designs make the jewellery look all the more beautiful. But what a gold necklace means to a woman, no one can probably understand or even come close to this obsession. The self-indulgence and especially the festivities make this fascination to jewellery worth it all the more…

So this season of festivals, you don’t need to settle on the semi-precious, or the polkis or pearls. Make sure to pick your fave gold long necklace from your favourite brand as that’s exactly what you want, right?