For a Bespoke Style Experience


If your online and offline shopping experience has been nightmarish for long and you have been constantly facing fit and style issues, seems like there’s something all set to take care of such troubles and offer you a very bespoke experience…

Yes, a lot of men and women face difficulties in Formal fashion and styles when they step out to shop or stay glued to their screens, just to find the perfect fit and style formal dress. Indian fashion industry in retail has always been ‘ One size fits all’ kinda field. But with changing times and women becoming more aware and particular about their choices and preferences, brands are gradually ready to offer personalized experiences..


Probably that’s why we have this newest in the league called Bespocut. The brand is gearing to bring designers, stylists and master tailors under one platform to offer a bespoke experience to the consumer. Launched recently in the capital city, the brand assured the best of talent from the industry to be brought under one roof and connect them with the right audience. With an access to globally renowned fabrics, trims and accessories with Just In Time delivery, the brand is following the lines of Savile Row or Hong Kong.

What’s Interesting?

The fabrics, linings and trims will be sourced directly from the best mills of Europe and the UK, and with the virtual studio, which would offer over 250 fabrics and a million combinations. All this will sure come int eh form of an app or even website but will have a modest fees to it. It’s Bespocut ¬†after all!

” We are initially going to be in the top 30 citie and gradually expand further to the relevant cities. The fashion industry needed this concept for a long time as the consumers find it difficult to connect with designers, stylists or even master tailors on their own. Now, they know that it’s just a click away,” said Pradeep Kumar, Founder & Director¬†Bespocut.