No More Hair Fall this Monsoon, Ayurvedic is the Key!


Haircare and skincare concerns for a woman seem to be an unending routine. Especially, with a weather which sees showers, drenched surroundings and irritating humidity in the atmosphere. Of course, your moods take a toll big time but even your lovely locks and supple skin are not far behind.

We are not gonna talk about your skin this time but your hair for sure as monsoon is a big challenge for your lovely hair to stay intact, soft and shiny sans any breakage, damage or hairfall. Your mind must be muttering, ” are you kidding? Is that even possible?” Well, if we tell you yes, then no need to jump off the couch. The best part is it is possible to flaunt your hair the way you want with the most easy-on-pocket, natural and ‘Made in India’ way..

Biotique’s Bio Kelp Range of Haircare is a Total Win-win in Monsoon!

Go Ayurvedic for Hair Care

Biotique, one of the oldest Ayurvedic beauty and haircare brands from India has an interesting and effective range of haircare, called as Bio Kelp. Not a new range indeed but has been around with the brand for quite a few years now. The packaging and sizing has changed though, and looks elegant as well. Now why the name Bio Kelp for both the shampoo and conditioner (Sea Kelp). It’s the name of a weed that has nutrients like minerals and vitamins. There’s an added hint of Mint as well, especially in the conditioner that gives it an awesome fragrance. The shampoo has a good lather and cleanses the scalp thoroughly. The conditioner is unlike the artificial ones and doesn’t give that smooth feel. After all, it’s an Ayurvedic product and therefore has no parabens or silicon. The after effects are visible and you get a certain sheen once your hair are dry.

Portrait of young beautiful woman washing her head
Portrait of young beautiful woman washing her head

We particularly liked the hair oil which works wonders in this weather of humidity and moisture. Named as Bio Bhringraj, this oil has a soothing and light fragrance. Not too runny, and not too sticky at the same, the oil seems to stop hair fall as we used it for more than 20 days before talking about it in this feature. It is loaded with ingredients that you can expect in any ayurvedic hair oil. But the best part about Biotique is that the procurement of the ingredients seems to be from some good and authentic sources as the products make you feel so…

Monsoon mayhem is not going anywhere for sometime, why not shift to a routine that’s assuring good hair care for the season. How about you giving this range a try this season, your hair are worth it, after all!