Noodle Bowl for a Healthy Option


With the season a certain nip in the air, it’s time for some healthy and warm indulgence. While cuisines around the world have their charm and flavours, it’s the Thai cuisine in particular that offers both flavour and wellness in one go..

The Spice Route, one of the award-winning luxury restaurants of the capital city, located in the beautiful The Imperial recently invited us to experience and try Noodle Symphony, an innovative menu by veteran Expat chef Veena Arora. The menu was a small and cosy one that offered the popular specialties of Thailand, but much ‘hatt ke’  as she tweaked the dishes keeping the Indian weather, taste buds and flavours in mind.

MEE GORENG- Malaysian style yellow noodle wok fried with mixed sea food

Apart from this, the limited edition menu also features one of her favourite Malaysian recipes (We actually didn’t ask which one ;))

When we spoke to Chef Veena about the health and wellness angle as noodles in Indian are usually considered unhealthy, or rather, fast food. She had an interesting take,” “ Noodle is the staple of south East Asian cuisine, and when it’s made with rice or lentils, it’s light and easy to digest. The noodle meal in a bowl is one of the most popular food in Thailand, and many people like eating the ultra thin glass noodles even in breakfast,” she said.


The Noodle Luncheon

Well, we couldn’t agree less at we soon tried and enjoyed  Kieow Tieow Kheow Waan– Thai rice noodle wok fried with green curry paste, bamboo shoot and white pumpkin garnished with crispy basil, Kieow Tieow Naam , Tom Yum Kieow Tieow – spicy & tangy soup flavoured with galangal, lemon grass, Kaffir leaves served with Thai rice vermicelli noodle and Sen Krob – Wok fried crispy noodle with carrot, baby spinach and colorful bell peppers in Thai light soya sauce.. Just to name a few! The luncheon sure ended on a lovely cookout session of chef’s favourite dish (you must have guessed by now) and a scoop of coconut icecream.

CHEF’S SPECIAL- stir fried cellophane noodle with cherry tomatoes and scrambled eggs

What’s Interesting? 

This time, Chef has added quite a good vegetarian varieties, and some mock meats made with konjac and soya. We did try them and they tasted equally good, giving the meaty texture and yet, pure vegetarian!

But, you are never too late for this lavish Thai indulgence as The Spice Route even otherwise has a wide variety of authentic dishes. How about trying it out this weekend?