Healing Comfort for Your Feet, with Style!


When the season of festivals is gonna keep you on your toes all the time, how about stepping out in the most comfortable and yet stylish-looking footwear throughout your celebrations and fun?

Yes, one of the most iconic footwear brand’s on India, Liberty, which has been synonymous to comfort for your stressed feet has gone a step further. The brand has recently unveiled it’s new sub-brand Healers!

Healers from Liberty is all About Chic Comfort!

Healers, as the name suggests is here to heal your souls and offer the ultimate comfort that you always look for, especially when you are busy round the clock and have no time to make your feet rest for a while..

Style & Comfort the Premium Way

Since Liberty is one of the pioneer brands in India in footwear industry, they sure know what women want. ” Style and comfort are the key things that women look for in any footwear,” said Anupam Bansal, Executive Director, Liberty Shoes. He further added that the new H technology in this brand of Liberty is here to assure improves sleep pattern, enhances blood circulation and boost a sense of well being.  But then, style is nowhere compromised on and we could see that in each and every piece during the unveiling (see pic above).

Liberty0030 Liberty0012

We loved the play of colours and styles in women’s range and surprisingly, even the men’s range was equally exciting.

What’s Interesting:

It’s not just one H1 technology but the product range has various H4, H8, HA technologies that are going to offer the best of comfort and less of aches. Additional, the brand has launched it exactly at the time of festivals, which  means, your shopping list for footwear is absolutely sorted.

Price Range of Healers: Between 3,000/- to 10,000/-  INR, initially available in 5 premium locations in Delhi and Lucknow.