Instant Noodles Know-how, Myths Debunked


There has been a lot said and written about Instant Noodles, and we have been wondering how often what’s written and said is true to it’s claims?

The moment you say instant noodles, the one and only brand and product that comes to our mind is Maggi and it’s slurpy noodles and flavours. Well, no doubt that women have become a lot more health conscious and, people in general, have become particular of the food that they eat. But does that mean it’s time to say no to your fave Maggi? Definitely not!

Busting the Myths About Maggi Noodles…

Myths & Facts About Maggi Noodles

We recently got a chance to visit Maggi India’s R&D center in Manesar. This wonderfully advanced, state-of-art Research and development center of the brand (Nestle) simple proved the tagline that the brand believes in – ” Good Food, Good Life”. Yes, the instant noodles that we buy from the nearest grocery store goes through a thorough a thorough quality check, lab tests, product monitoring and hygiene tests before hitting the shelves.

This visit only helped us understand that there have a lot of myths around the concept of instant noodles, and the actual facts have never been highlighted so far. So here we go-


#Myth1: Instant Noodles are Junk Food?

Reality: Like seriously? There’s more junk that we consume otherwise, just like that! On the contrary, noodles do provide instant carbs like rice or even breads. What’s important is to remember, the amount you consume and with what frequency.

#Myth2: Maggi Atta Noodles are not made of Wheat?

Reality: And, why would the brand say so if it’s not made of wheat? Of course, Atta noodles are made of 100% wheat, and not maida which is what most consumers think. Over the years, the brand has come up with variants and flavours. This means, people are looking for variety in their fave 2-minutes noodles.

#Myth3: Instant Noodles are Fried?

Reality: Well, yes, they are and only for a fraction of a few seconds to give it a better shelf life. So, if you thought that Maggi noodles are deep fried, they certainly are not. We actually saw the labs and the food processing units are the R&D to see it and believe it. The brand is also working on the air fried line of products, and we might get to experience no-oil noodles soon.IMG_20170927_121311

#Myth4: The MSG in the Spices is toxic?

Reality: Of course not! Why would a brand offer a product that can harm your guts and body overall? MSG is basically a stable food element, specified by FSSAI and enhances the flavours to an extent that it doesn’t change the structure of the other ingredients. You can relax now!

IMG_20170927_135441 (1)

#Myth5: Maggi Noodles lead to obesity?

Reality: LOL! It’s like passing the bucks, especially when you are not into the exercise routine. You need to be consuming instant noodles day and night to visualize fat add-ons to your body. No one actually does that. Obesity is body condition that can happen when you have extremely erratic lifestyle, or are always on junk food, sans any physical exercise routine.

Since the myths are busted, you can simply enjoy your bowl full of Maggi noodles (Atta, Oatmeal, or the newest Amritsari one) this festive season!