Provocative & Controversial, NotDressingMen Campaign


There’s an all new controversial and quite a provocative (Indian standards) ad campaign, once again from the well-known brand SuitSupply. But hang on, this time it is for it’s Sister brand – Suistudio that’s all about women’s formals… Take a look!

Suistudio Newest Campaign is all about NotDressingMen

The Message is PowerSuit & Equality

The brand seems to have inherited the racy gene from big brother, Suistudio and has launched the season with a powerful message: We’re #notdressingmen, featuring model/fashion icon Rianne ten Haken. As per the brand, what they are trying to echo through the collection, is absolute equality. Taking women’s suiting every bit as seriously as men’s and asserting this collection is stand alone strong.


Powersuiting is not just a buzzword to Suistudio and the proof is in the details. The winning formula is their vertical integration, which allows for a luxurious look and feel, at more attainable prices. Beginning with the design process, straight through the customer’s purchase, it’s all in their own hands. They combine high quality Italian fabrics like Vitale Barberis Canonico and Ferla (mills from the Biella Region) with expert tailoring that is hand-finished. The result, a power suit.

Suistudio recently launched their online store, and it’s already proving to be successful. The key to customer satisfaction is not only the true to size fit, but also offering both “the now” and “the classic” suit styles that women have been asking for.


What says the CEO

 “We’ve been asked consistently for a long time to make a women’s collection. Our brand is about bringing high quality product for attainable price points. It isn’t a snap your fingers and done sort of project. After years of preparation, I think we finally nailed it. A perfect fit that our customers are excited to wear.”  CEO & Founder Fokke de Jong

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