Nature for Your Beauty Needs: Oriflame Unveils ‘Love Nature’


The season is changing and so is the need of your skin and hair. Nature is surprising and we can experience it with our own beauty needs. Probably, some beauty brands understand this and thus, go for exclusive skincare and haircare range that’s nature inspired.

Oriflame, one of the well-known and sought after direct-selling beauty brands from Sweden recently unveiled it’s interesting ‘Love Nature’ range of bath, body and haircare.


Love Nature, the Newest From Oriflame India

We attended it’s unique and quite a cool launch a couple of months back in India wherein the brand explained the details, the ingredients, and the complete range of product line that is now available with its representatives.

The range includes soap bars, shower gels, hair oils, shampoos, and conditioners and, we did try some of these over the past two months. What we particularly liked about he range is the fact that if exfoliate products are using the natural origin beads, then the haircare range is silicon-free, and at the same the personal care range is all bio-degradable. You can’t miss on the Organic Coconut oil as it’s going to give you right sheen and strength for all your crazy hair-stylings and cuts.

Love Nature-Oriflame-A6(1)
Strawberries are Healthy and so is this Range for Your Hair & Skin!

The brand had it’s international heads present during the time of media launch and we did spent quite a fun afternoon with the brand over a candid know-how.¬†¬†Nature is divine and we all in today’s time and hour understand how important it is to utilize the natural treasures. When a brand like Oriflame is able to offer the best of it, via, skincare and haircare, by using the core natural ingredients, you know it’s going to be one interesting one and worth giving a try.

When’s your bathroom or grooming table getting this range?

What all We Tried: Team Allwhatshewants tried the products given in the press kit like the Aloe-vera shower gel and it was pretty much soothing, hair oil, sun-screen just to name a few…