Travel This Winter to Eco Luxury: The IBNII Coorg Review


There’s never a good, great or perfect time, season or weather to travel to destinations that are exotic in all sense. That’s one of the reasons why we are telling you to take a break this winter and head to a scenic destination that’s called The IBNIICoorg!

The Lush Green & Scenic The IBNII Coorg…

Coorg, in Karnataka is one of the scenic hill stations and has been wooing the domestic traveller every season, especially summers. But once you visit this abundantly green beauty, you realize that Coorg is perfect in all seasons and with the best of the luxurious hotels and resorts around, you really don’t need to think twice before booking your travel dates to this wonderful city…

The IBNII Coorg is the newest eco luxury resort here that we got a chance to experience and preview. How about you taking a look at what this resort is offering?

The Stay Experience…

Once you land either at Bengaluru or Mangaluru airport, it takes a good few hours to reach this lovely resort. The drive is smooth and hassle-free and the resort is also not tucked-in and thus, it’s easier to reach this destination by road.

The IBNII offers Both Villas & Cottage Stays, this one’s from the Villa with a Private Pool…

Once you are at the resort, all you get to see in the vast acres of land is lush greens in various forms and hues. You are awestruck with the very size and spread of the resort. The reception is equally fantastic, giving a 360 degree view of the entire resort.

But that’s also not enough as you still wonder if the view that’s so scenic and surrounded by mountains is actually the entire property? Indeed, it is and you now can’t wait to experience the stay and the cottages…

IMG_20170913_095259_433 IMG_20170902_130242

Villas, Cottages & Suite

So, the IBNII offers you choices to opt and go for. The cottages are beautiful wooden ones that have a small lake sort right in the backyard, for you to enjoy your morning cuppa. The picture below is of one of these cottages that we stayed at for a couple of nights.


And, if you are still looking for more, then the resort has fabulous villas with exclusive private pool and a superb jacuzzi attached to your room. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay ot one of these villas even though it was just for a night…

Food & Flavours

Travel experiences can’t just be about the resort and it’s stay. It has a lot to do with the food that you get to experience throughout your stay. IBNII is a newbie but foodwise, the brand is making sure to spoil you for choices. You will not just get to try and relish the regional and rustic delicacies but also the international ones. The reason being, it’s one of the sought after destinations of south Indian and therefore, attracts many international travellers, especially the middle east one’s.


IMG_20170904_081051 IMG_20170902_142600The resort has three different restaurants, one is an all-day dining and is more to do with the buffet and breakfast. The other one is a vegetarian Indian one where we tried the exotic south Indian thaali, not the traditional one but still a good one.

The third is the grill on the roof and that sure is the highlight of this resort. It offers  some excellent grill options that come loaded with authentic flavours. And, we are quite sure that by now, the resort must have got the liquor licence and thus, your winter travel will be all the more fun at this grill restaurant..


This is something common and you too might be curious to know why are we recommending this resort, despite the fact that it’ fairly new…

IMG_20170918_095024_535 IMG_20170912_110726_657

As a woman traveller, we found it safe and peaceful, secondly, if you are one of the leisure traveller types who would wish to be pampered, this is certainly your kinda of resort.

What We Didn’t Disclose?

This is one of the first eco luxury resorts in Coorg region, with no-plastic policy and with a well-set recycle unit within the resort. That means, all the food and natural waste gets recycled and used as manure in the Coffee plantation all around the resort land.

Oh ya, you may also not be aware that this is one of the few organic coffee plantation estates, and especially in winters, you will get to experience the lovely cherry colour coffee all around. So, when are you planning your visit?