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Often we tend to ignore the basics when it comes to wellness. And, taking care of your intimates areas is one of the key hygiene routine that many women out there tend to ignore.The reasons could be many, from being a busy bee, to being a new mum whos’ tod is keeping her on her toes 24X7, or from just being too casual about the nether regions assuming that nature has it’s own role and thus, even the intimate area is well takes care of it’s own.

Well, believe it or not but your vaginal area often tends to behave erratic if you have just delivered a baby, are experiencing pregnancy, or even the post pregnancy period. That’s when you need a product, a specific one that addresses the needs of your private parts. An intimate wash has been a solution to this issue for the longest time but most brands have failed in offering the perfect pH and thus, resulting in irritation all the more.

But with Himalaya Intimate Wash, it seems like you have the right solution for your intimate concerns…

Solution for Your Intimate Concerns: The New Intimate Wash from Himalaya Personal Care

Himalaya Intimate wash and Intimate Wipes

The new Intimate Wash from Himalaya for Moms is  all about gentleness and safe ingredients as it’s not just about any part of a woman’s body but the Vaginal concerns. the wash is meant for, during and after pregnancy when women tend to face erratic vaginal behaviour. Be it the odour, the discharge, the itching, or even the irritation in skin, this new Intimate wash is a great solution to your concerns. The fragrance is mild and quite refreshing indeed. You feel a lasting freshness throughout the day. The presence of Lactic acid in the product helps in maintaining the pH level of your nether regions.



What we particularly liked about the product is it’s gentle lather, which is not too harsh and gets cleaned easily.

The brand also has Intimate Wipe to take care of your travel-time needs. Or even as a working mum, you may like to use the wipes rather than the wash. The wipes too are with perfect pH balance. The pH needed for keeping your vaginal area clean is usually 3.5 to 4.5 and therefore, usage of soaps is not recommended.

And, when it comes to water you will notice that water has neutral pH balance and so it is also not recommended to wash the intimate region with just water.

Let’s not ignore your pregnancy and post delivery concerns as now you know that you have the right solution- Intimate Wash & Wipes by Himalaya .

Fact File: the product has ingredients like Tea Tree oil that helps in reducing itching and irritation, and Pongamia Oil that has the anti-fungal properties. The product assures to restore the normal vaginal pH balance as it has Lactic acid in it as the key ingredients.