Preserve Your Youthful Skin the Natural Way


If your skin has been showing the signs of aging off late and you have been looking for an innovative and nature-based beauty product then this one will excite you, undoubtedly!

Himalaya Personal Care, once of the oldest and trusted skin care and personal care brands recently unveiled one of it’s newest innovations and range of beauty products. Called as Youth Eternity, this seems to be a fantastic solution to your aging skin woes and we tell you how…


Preserve Youthful Skin With Youth Eternity

Youth Eternity is a power-pack trio of innovative beauty products. The trio includes Day Cream, Night Cream and Under-eye cream.. something that’s the key skincare essential for a busy woman who’s otherwise a bit casual about her skincare routine. Now, all she needs is this ritual of Youth Eternity to preserve and lock her youthful skin that has or might show signs of aging.. if not today, tomorrow for sure.



So, how exactly these products are different and work wonders on your skin? There is no dearth of anti-aging beauty products in the market and you may feel that this is just another one in the same kitty. Well, that’s where you need to understand more about Himalaya Personalcare’s new range. Youth Eternity, the range is based on the new innovative technology and formulation of Plant Stem cells. which means, that the active ingredients of the product be it the day or night cream are Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle, Cipadessa, and Apple other than the exotic herbs as ingredients.

If Edelweiss plant stem cells are power packed with antioxidants, then Woodfordia, Rose Myrtle, and Cipadessa regulate youth genes and work with your innate skin cell martic, responsible for the anti-aging mechanism of your skin.


How Does it Work?

The combination of such powerful ingredients works on the deeper layer of your skin, making it softer, even and radiant. if the day cream helps in reducing the pores, fine wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation, and night cream providing overnight intense hydration, the under eye cream takes care of the crow feet lines, is antioxidant and treats the morning puffy eyes along with dark circles that many Indian women have because of stress and lifestyle.

Youth Eternity by Himalaya Personalcare is the perfect solution to your aging skin and since it’s quite pocket friendly ( under INR 500/- for 50gms) you would certainly not want to miss on this latest beauty secret..