Beauty Preps for Your New Year Celebrations


With the season of celebrations kick-starting again, how about you prepping for it in the best possible way? Well, when we say preps, the first thing that comes to our minds is the look during celebrations, especially New Year party. What better way to look flawless than a rejuvenating facial? And, not just any facial but a one that is customized as per your zodiac sign and assures to give a naturally flawless look…

Facial & Spa Treatment Room at VLCC, New Delhi

VLCC India, one of the pioneers in skincare and haircare and a brand that runs some of the most advanced salons and spas across the country has come up with a concept of Zodiac Facials. As the nae suggests, the facial and the product range used in the facial therapy are based on an individual’s zodiac sign. Which means, if you are a Gemini, you will be given a facial that would suit your skin and your zodiac. We decided to give it a try and went for Emerald Facial..

IMG_20171214_133541 IMG_20171214_133522

This one is meant for a Piscean and seems like Emerald is the stone that’s suited to a Piscean. We visited one of the plush salons of the brand in the capital this month to experience this new facial (on the invitation of the brand). It was more than an hour-long skin ritual that had the basic steps of any facial. Right from the cleansing, massage, steam, scrubbing and mask application, the Emerald facial had all..


No wonder, the entire experience was quite a rejuvenating one, and the the products being customized sure worked wonders on the skin. The picture around is an apt example to tell you so. We haven’t edited or added any effects to it, and is just after the treatment.

You feel a visible difference in your skin. If you are thinking that one gets to see some visible difference after any facial, yes, you are right! But here the difference is in terms of evenness, radiance and less of aging spots that many women tend to experience and are concerned about before a facial.



This is not just the only treatment you can go for at this fab salon. Since you are getting ready for your Christmas and New Year celebrations, you might like to consider going for Gel Nails or even some classy nailart. VLCC seems to have the best one in that case. We decided to go for this beautiful indulgence and the result is there at your right (see pic)..

Beauty basics should always be there in your check-list of celebrations and parties as once you are confident with your look, you are gonna rock for sure!

What’s Interesting? 

The products used in the facial are primarily Cleanser Serum and Pack. The facials are Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Garnet, Sapphire just to name a few, based on your sun sign. The facial is absolutely pocket-friendly and will not pinch you at all.  Priced at 1099/- Zodiac Facial at VLCC India is worth going for this season.