Are you a Helicopter Parent? Not Anymore!


I remember how often my then 7-year-old daughter would come back from her tennis class and would ask for chewing gum every second day. She used to see older kids chewing and showing all the cool dude attitude of sporty kids. My instant reply used to be, “No way, it’s hazardous to your health and chewing gums have artificial flavours and colours and so a total no-no for your healthy gums.” Well, this is not just ‘the only’ instance as I’ve always been a risk-averse parent for my daughter. While she has been ok with most of my dos and don’ts most of the times, I somewhere started feeling, “Am I being a helicopter parent, unnecessarily?”

Turns out to be yes! Overprotective parenting is what it is called and it’s like trying to protect your child from any harm, pain, any kind of unhappiness or rejections, keeping your kid at a super-distance that has the slightest indication of infection, illness or disease. But I recently got a chance to see an interesting video by the brand Immuno Boosters that focused on the child’s angle and how your child actually perceives your rules, instructions that may not be what you actually meant.

Going Casual and Easy is the Way Out

This video actually helped me introspect and re-think on my line of parenting and discipline that I’m trying to inculcate in my child.  No wonder, every mum around is doing all this for the betterment and safety of her child. But I have now realized that this could mean something totally different to your child if not conveyed the right way.

WaterMark_2017-12-26-16-19-40 WaterMark_2017-12-26-16-13-47And, the right way is going easy and not rigid! It’s not just me who’s saying so but even the paediatricians say so. “You need to ease out a bit and let your child do certain things her own way and not set the rules for every petty thing,” my paediatrician told me some time back.  You can be a Yes mom, like the one in this brand’s new video and still can keep a check on your child’s safety and health. Immuno Boosters is one of a kind product when it comes to a kids health and immunity and the brand offers cute little choco-bites. It is the perfect nutrition product that you can offer to your child, as it is loaded with important immunity nutrients, which would delight the kiddo. As a mum, I’m assured as it has all the nutrients that the growing kids (4+ years) need. This product was also recommended to me by my paediatrician. I have started using it for my kid and the initial response seems good. At least, she is happy eating it which is a big relief for me. For moms reading this article the product is available in this link

Tips for Being a ‘Yes’ Mom

So, the few things that I feel can help you to become a Yes mom are letting go yourself loose first. Once you are mentally prepared that you are not going to hover around your little one, you would not do that even if your heart says so. Let go off your fears and only then will you let your child fall and rise, get hurt and learn to bear the pain, overcome rejections on his/her own, or even letting them explore the surroundings on their own and watch from a distance.

This latest TV ad by Immuno Boosters showcases how you can be a Yes Mom by building you child’s Immunity. Your child is safe with these yum and healthy choco bites, let him have one a day and you’ll be happy to see him happy. Do share your own stories with me and also your experience of using the product.

You can read more on the product here