Travel With the Perfect Snack Buddy


If you are planning an exotic vacation, and hopping on a plane is your present state of mind then this feature is a must-read for you. Trips and travels become all the more fun and enjoyable when you have the right travel snacks packed in your stylish travel bags.

Yes, travel-time snacks are one of the key essentials that travellers often tend to ignore, or take pretty casually. Yum, crunchy and healthy snacks make a perfect travel buddy, and if you are a vegetarian traveller, and looking to find out the best eggless and vegetarian snacks for your next lavish trips, then we introduce to you Lovely Bake Studio.


Super-crunchy Cookies by Lovely Bake Studio

The #MumDaughter duo from Team recently travelled to Italy and made sure to take the best snack buddy – Lovely Bake Studio on board for beating the hunger blues throughout the week-long trip. While the pictures around will tell  you more about the travel, the video below will also revel the best of the cities that we explored and enjoyed with the yummy cookies from the brand.  LBS4 LBS3

Now, what’s important to highlight here is that the brand, based out of Jalandhar and run by young entrepreneur Shaishav Mittal is purely into eggless bakery. Which means, if you are a vegetarian traveller, like this MumDaughter duo was, the brand and it’s exciting variety of cookies make a great choice for you as a traveller, especially when you are travelling to a European country like Italy, where finding vegetarian snack options is a struggle in itself. Even if you find one, you will be surprised seeing the Euro price.

When airlines are giving you options of carrying dry snacks on board, it’s a smart strategy for any traveller to carry healthy, easy-to-carry travel snacks during international travels.

Lovely was just the perfect choice for this exclusive Italy Trip, and we will tell you how.

LBS6 LBS5Travel Packs, Lightweight & Easy to Carry!

First thing first, the brand has interesting packaging and thus, you find it all the more appealing to carry during travel. From a bigger size to a smaller one (see the pics), we carried both, considering we were travelling to Rome, Pisa, Naples and Pompeii.


Apart from the cool packaging, LBS is quite easy to carry. Nope, it’s not like a candy or a chocolate that would fit-in your luggage just like that but the size of each travel pack is such that you can simply tuck-in here and there.

We carried a lot of varieties of LBS like, Cornflakes Cookies during the visit to Roma Forum, Roasted Almond cookies, Butter Pista Cookies at the iconic Colosseum, Australian Anzac Cookies to the historic and wonders of the World Leaning Tower of Pisa…


Each city of Italy that we visited and explored is known for its rich history, architecture and bygone centuries. Which means, a traveler would constantly need a handy and healthy snack for quick energy, and a snack that can be carried to all the touristy spots.

LBS8That’s where LBS is a win-win. You have the freshness of flavours that are baked and eggless. You have the perfect portions in each pack as each cookie is separately packed, and therefore, you can carry them individually as assortments if not the entire pack.

Travel experiences are never complete till the time you don’t have a satiating food experience too. Leave apart the local cuisine that we tried and tasted, what remembers with us post this trip is the crunch that made the memories super crispy… forever!

Not to Be Missed Flavours: Lovely Bake Studio has the best of Coconut Cookies, Cornflake Cookies, Chocochip Cookies and Anzac that we are ordering soon from: