Beauty By the Cold; Cryolipolysis for Fat Reduction


Beauty and skincare especially, has come a long way from just trying facials or simple blow-drys at your nearest parlors. While the industry has seen some fantastic innovations in the recent years, even the world of parlors has come up in the most luxurious way possible. It’s the world of spas, spalons, and beauty clinics today, where you don’t go ‘just’ for facials or waxing but for treatments like Sculpting, photo facials, Hifu just to name a few.. those that sound ultra jazzy.

We got a chance to experience one such luxury wellness clinics of Delhi NCR- Pachouli Wellness Clinic. One of the oldest wellness clinics and spas of the capital city, Patchouli has expanded recently with it’s new chain in the other parts of the city. With a well equipped and state-of-art technology and experts on board, the clinic is worth experiencing for various skincare and haircare services. We opted for Cryolipolysis, which is primarily for fat reduction. Internationally, this technology is also been used for Facials.

Interiors of Pachouli Wellness Clinic, New Delhi

More About the Treatment

So, cryolipolysis is a beauty treatment that offers the desired reduction of your unwanted fats by freezing the fat cells. The treatment is offered under strict supervision, with the use of applicators that create a suction, under – temperature, ranging from -5 to -10 degrees. If what we are telling you here sounds scary, then don’t bother as it’s a painless process and one can relax while the body is experiencing the freezing temperature in the hot weather of Delhi.

At Pachouli, you have the exclusive rooms for these services. Once you change and are all set for the treatment, there’s a gel applied in the concerned area where the fat cells need to be freezed. The applicators are set and the process starts. You feel the chill and the suction once the machine is turned on. The process takes 15-20 mins and later the frozen area is well massaged (didn’t happen here though) for the fat cells to melt and later drain out via the natural ways.


The Pros & Cons

The experts at the clinic tell you about the procedure well in advance so as to understand your skincare requirement. This one is certainly not suitable for those who have extreme obesity, and quite an erratic lifestyle. The treatment needs to be followed with a healthy habits and well regime. If there are certain areas on your body where you feel there are tough fat cells, Cryo is the solution to them then.

Also, considering the treatment is a bit expensive (INR 10,000/- per applicator), one should do a proper research and consultation before going for it. We spoke to Preeti Seth,  Founder & Director of Patchouli Wellness Clinic who told us that in today’s time women have become conscious of their lifestyle and most of her clients are well aware of the treatments before hand. ” I feel with advancement in technology and awareness towards beauty, women are going fro the best and not settling for anything lesser. Some of our treatments like Photo Facials, Lasers, Botox or even Ayurvedic spa treatments are a big hit among women,” she summed.

Well, why not? After all, beauty is more that just the inner feel. Let your skin feel it too!