Fun Accessories for Your Lovely Locks


If you thought that a good hair spa, a nice blow dry, or a perfect hair style is all that’s needed for your good look, then it’s time to re-think and accessorize a bit..


Yes, simple hair styles, and adding colors to your curls is passe now. Accentuating your hir with some fun accessories, quirky hair bands, delicate hair pins, or even bun accessories is the new style mantra for your locks.

The newbie in this segment is Hair Drama & Co, founded by a woman only. As the name says, drama is one of the key highlights of this brand and so are it’s lovely products. We recently received this cool-looking hair band (in the pic above) just to try and experience the brand. The range of products at Hair Drama & Co seems good, if not exceptionally awesome.


Targeting the teens and the youth, the brand focuses on the funky and quirky style elements for your hair. From hair pins, to bands, you will find everything here. And, that’s not all. The brand also share tips on accessorizing the hair in off-beat ways. Most of the products are more like DIYs and you can actually play with one product in 2-3 different styles.

It’s fairly new so we would still wait for the brand to add and expand with more fun elements that can help making even the mature women look their best… in a much elegant way, of course.

Price Range: The brands are anywhere between 400/- to 1000/-