Time to Say Wow! Low-cost Flight From Delhi to Iceland


India is sure emerging as one of the biggest travel destination. And, it’s time to say wow as the Iceland-based airline Wow Air has announced flights from Delhi to Iceland and also to select North American and European destinations via Iceland, starting from December 7, 2018.

Skuli Mogensen, CEO Wow Air..

Now Fly at 13499/- to New York Via Iceland

We attended the inaugural announcement event at the beautiful Residence of Ambassador of Iceland in New Delhi this week. Present on the occasion was Skuli Mogensen, CEO, Wow Air and it’s crew all decked up for the flight to take off, it seemed. He said that that Wow Air, which currently operates with a fleet of 19 aircraft will have flights to American destinations via Keflavik airport in Reykjavik, Iceland.

What was interesting was the Wow Basic fare that he announced, which is 13,499/ – (One way) on these flights. And, this includes all taxes but excludes meal and check-in baggage, which will be charged separately. Now, that’s quite a win win deal for someone who has been planning to travel to the US. IT’s like you are getting to travel to Iceland complimentary. Make sure to plan an exclusive trip to Iceland, if you’ve never been to this beautiful country before. Follow the Northern Lights and enjoy being up close to the nature.