Kerala, by Road This Vacation Season


When the temps are rising, and the vacations are kick-starting, all you need is all break from your hectic summery days, and travel to an exotic destination.  What better than God’s own Country – Kerala? Yes, Kerala is southern India’s one scenic states that’s not just having bounty of lush greens but is also a beauty when it comes to fantastic road drives and city-to-city connectivity. So, plan your trip to its capital city Trivandrum this vacations and rent a car in Trivandrum to visit the beautiful Kochi…


Enjoying the Scenic Drive from Trivandrum to Kochi

Kochi is a sheer bliss especially, when you visit it via a good 4 hours long drive from Trivandrum. With car rental services like one of Savaari, you have a decent choice of cars depending on your family size. Additional, there’s a lot of fun element that a scenic drive on the wide Kerala roads would offer. The endless jungles of coconut trees, hints of backwaters as you touch some parts of Alleppey or Kumarakom while on way to Kochi and some rustic road-side food joints that smell of divine south-Indian flavours of Sambar, dosa and Idli. You can simply stop by, relish these yum flavours and head to your final destination.. Satiated and happy.

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Driving Tip

While car rental services like Savaari are good and offer well-serviced cars, make sure to drive within the speed limits as the roads are excellent but narrower. And, often the local buses try overtaking just like that!


Kochi, Where Old World Meets the Cosmo Culture

This is one of the sought-after exotic destinations of Kerala. After all, you get to experience a perfect mix of old world charm and the newest cosmopolitan culture.  The city is absolutely pictorial, with palm grooves all around, various island type layout with sea and backwaters crisscrossing beautifully. And, since the road drive is not that tiring, once oyu are in the city the adventure traveller in you can simply start exploring right from day one.

Must –visit Tourist Spots

When you are in Kochi, you would not like to miss visiting the oldest churches like St. Francis. Fort Kochi is where you’ll be happily spending your entire day visiting churches, Chinese fishing nets, etc. Mattancherry Palace is another iconic sites to visit and experience, and for your leisure time, simply head to Marine Drive and enjoy the backwaters, the structures and some shopping, of course.