Skincare Treatment Options, Including Laser Procedures


If you think of the anti-aging skincare industry as being invasive and undesirable, think again. There are certainly some invasive ways to treat the skin, such as surgery. However, there are also plenty of skincare clinics offering procedures that are far less invasive. Those procedures are not as effective as surgery, but they can be perfect when your skin conditions are not advanced enough for surgery to be required. Below is a brief overview of several popular clinical treatment options.

Skincare Treatments Using Sound to Influence Cells

You may find it surprising, but sound is commonly used in clinics to treat skin problems. Two types of sound treatment, ultrasound and radio frequency, are the most common. The sound wave procedures can be used to vibrate your skin cells. By agitating the cell structures, collagen molecules will naturally move closer together. Collagen helps to hold skin cells tightly in place. Therefore, over time your skin will have a smoother appearance. Although, it may take several appointments before you see results.

Skin Treatments Using Laser Beams to Influence Cells

Lasers are specific beams of focused light. The array of cosmetic-laser equipment for skin health available is extensive. Some lasers are used to perform procedures known as laser facials or laser peels. Those procedures, typically done with ablative lasers, strip away dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. In the process, they also remove dirt and unclog pores. Although such skin treatments can be beneficial, they can also influence your cells in a negative way by temporarily making you more prone to skin infections. Therefore, if you have such a treatment you must follow your clinician’s instructions after each appointment.

Other types of laser treatments are non-ablative, meaning that they focus solely on deep layers of skin. No surface changes are triggered immediately. Instead, such treatments influence cells by targeting collagen. As the collagen is hit with the laser it causes restoration processes in the body to start. The production of more collagen to combat the perceived attack strengthens cellular structures in the skin over time.

Other Clinical Skin Treatments Using Different Forms of Light

Lasers are not the only forms of light treatment provided in skincare clinics. LED light therapy and intense pulsed light (IPL) can be used to treat your skin as well. Non-laser forms of light therapy typically produce less heat than lasers. By targeting water and enhancing the skin barrier they can make your skin stronger and slow down the development of future damage.

Skin-Strengthening Serums and Creams and Their Components

Skin treatments in clinics often include the application of creams and serums. Such concoctions typically contain collagen-boosting components. Examples of such components include Matrixyl 3000 and copper peptides. Increasing those peptide levels in your body can help elastin and collagen pull together, making your skin cells hold closer together. The result will be a reduction in mild to moderate wrinkles over time. It is also possible to purchase skin creams for home use. However, you should do so under the advisement of a skincare clinician or dermatologist. He or she can tell you exactly which ingredients will benefit you most according to the condition of your skin.