Summer Fiesta With Purnam Exhibition


The capital city of India is a witness to many Lifestyle exhibitions. And, therefore, when we tell you about any upcoming or an on-going one, chances are that you’ll take it casually. But what if we tell you that there’s going to be an exhibition that’s done by women, focuses on women and makes sure that the young Shepreneurs get the best from being part of it? Now, that’s an interesting one, right?

Meet Saroj Bhatia, Jani Dhingra, Indu Gupta & Sarita Baluja, the Women Behind Purnam!

Purnam, Delhi’s oldest and most credible fashion & lifestyle exhibition, is all set to ring in summer festive extravaganza with cheer this season. The event is scheduled to be held on Friday, 20th July 2018 at The Ashok, New Delhi with some of the well-known names as participants this season.

Key Highlights of Purnam

Running in the 12th year this season, Purnam is a true epitome of ‘age is just a number’… with the Founder’s being highly spirited women, and seem to be defying age in the most beautiful way, you wonder what keeps them going so strong with each passing year. ” We feel happy when we promote young start-ups via Purnam and that’s one of the key factors that keeps us motivated. Most of the women entrepreneurs who participate with us do business only via exhibitions. So, it’s a wonderful feeling to see them growing,” tad comes the reply from these lovely women Founders.  They not only spearhead these exhibitions but are also active volunteers for NGO Akshya Pratisthan.

This season, the exhibition will bring together a mix of exhibitors – on one hand, India’s biggest couturiers who define fashion trends, and on the other, talented, indigenous artisans and entrepreneurs who may not have an organized means to sell, thus opening them to an unlimited number of buyers they would not meet otherwise. So, while there are exhibitors from Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, one also gets to witness the beauty of products from Hisar, and Varanasi on the other.

What’s Interesting?

For the first time, Purnam will have India’s leading couturiers, Madhu Jain, Sonam Dubal, Samant Chauhan and Charu Parashar, who will be showing at a special designer lounge at the exhibition. Madhu Jain, a well-known textile revivalist will present rare bamboo silk ikat creations while designers Sonam Dubal and Samant Chauhan will once again spread the richness of Indian textiles. Oh, and one can’t miss the chic resort wear by designer Charu Parashar.

Don’t for the date folks, and be there this July the 20th!