Bye-bye to Bingo Wings with Accent Prime


Fitness is the new mantra of modern India. There’s no dearth of fitness apps, fitness centers, fitness food, fitness drinks, fitness gurus and even fitness destinations. But there are times when you want to skip all this and simply rely on the best beauty aesthetics equipment. A machine that can offer you a head-to-toe solution for the sagging bellies, the unwanted cellulite, the stubborn love handles.. and the eyesore bingo wings…

Seems Alma Lasers India has finally find a perfect solution to all your problems. The newest from the brand Accent Prime is one jazzy body contouring and skin tightening beauty equipment, we must tell you. The results are visible, and we can simply vouch for that. How? Well, take a look..

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TAF, First Wellness Clinic to Offer Accent Prime Treatment in North India

We got a chance to get the first-hand experience of Accent Prime by Alma Lasers India at the plush wellness center TAF in the national capital. The wellness center is elegantly splendid and has the most advance aesthetic elements that we could spot and observe. The name TAF is just the reverse of FAT, which is exactly what the clinic offers- it reverses your fat and sends you back in your healthiest best. If Accent Prime is working on the tough fat cells and sagging skin, it’s the well-curated healthy diet by none other than Manisha Arora, Director, TAF that ensures a fitter you towards the end of the complete treatment.

Accent Prime & It’s Technology

“If you can pinch, we can shrink”, this is the tagline of this most advanced workstation. IT’s aim is to provide you the aesthetic enhancement with the help of US (ultrasound) and RF (radio frequency) technology. The combination of these technologies assures a long-lasting result , and quite an effective one.

We decided to try and experience it for the stubborn bingo-wings (the bicep and triceps fats). If the US energy is used disrupt the stubborn fat with a homogeneous distribution of energy, the RF power is used to produce thermal deep heating to the tissue, resulting in more concentrated energy treatment. The end result being diluting the fats that pass through lymphatic drainage in next few days.

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What’s Interesting?

The workstation is perfect for the entire body, be it the love handles, the double-chin, the back fats, the cellulite, and more…

What’s Important?

Don’t simply depend on the aesthetic enhancers, you can go for multiple sessions depending on the fat but ensure that you follow a healthy diet plan later for the result to last long.

There’s no substitute to a healthy lifestyle, you see!