Indulge in Fine Dine During a Movie Experience


Watching movie in today’s time can be a complete indulgence, and cinema halls are making sure to offer you the best of the services.

One such happens to be PVR, the largest multiplex theatre chains across India. While PVR Cinemas cater to the masses, PVR Director’s Cut caters to a niche audience who’s looking for a complete cinema experience. The unique concept of Sapphire Club, situated next to the theatre is a perfect add-on to your luxury experience. This members only club concept that has been around for some time now is expanding further.

IMG_20180623_211000_HHT BeautyPlus_20180623220538024_saveClubbing Over Fine Dine at PVR Director’s Cut

We recently visited this lavish club over a wine and find dine experience that was followed by a movie of course. The brand is now partnering with Genesis Luxe Club to offer some bespoke perks to Sapphire members. 

With this, the experience will become all the more exclusive, like a luxurious fusion of hospitality, entertainment and lifestyle. We quite liked the club features, which was about a Jazz music, over some light Japanese cuisine from the in-house restaurant. The club certainly has some fine collection of wines that you can enjoy over a slow dinner, and then head straight to your movie experience.


Movie Experience

The picture above is sure telling you how the experience of watching a movie at Director’s Cut could be. You are pampered with the best of the facilities. The spacious seating, the comfortable recliners, F&B on demand service and the little touch of luxury around leaves you with little to complain about.

Just make sure to watch the right movie for a memorable experience!