Travel to Tirthan Valley in Your Next Vacations


When destinations are exotic and lavishly scenic, when there’s exciting adventures around, and when the places offer some splendid stay to relax and refresh, you certainly don’t wait for holidays and vacations… That’s how Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India is!

We got a chance to explore, enjoy and experience this hidden gem of the country this summer vacation. All thanks to Tirthan Anglers’ Retreat, one of the tucked-in boutique resorts in this valley that welcomed us for a memorable experience of it’s lovely resort and Tirthan Valley, overall.

Before we tell you further, how about you watch this travel video for the glimpse of this beauty?

Where’s Tirthan Valley?

The scenic valley of Himachal falls in the Kullu region of the state and has got it’s name from the serpent-like river Tirthan River. The valley over the years has turned out to be the most sought after tourist destinations, especially for the people of nearly states like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and UP.

So, there’s no wonder if you get to see home-stays and budget lodges mushrooming in and around the valley. But for a slow traveller , who’s looking to experience, relax, rejuvenate during his/her travel to this valley, there’s Tirthan Anglers’ Retreat!

Six Cozy Cottages at Tirthan Anglers’ Retreat…

It’s a beautifully done boutique resort that’s deep inside the valley, some two and a half hours drive from Aut, the main stop for Tirthan. While the drive is scenic and refreshing, the stay at this resort is all the more rejuvenating.

Stay Midst Nature & Fresh Breeze

You do a bit of a trek to reach this resort that’s located at the bank of a river that we assume is part of Tirthan river only. The picture above can tell you that it’s a small one and thus, caters to a traveller who loves nature, believes is going slow, stops and admire the bountiful of nature, the Himalayan geography that TAR offers.

IMG_20180618_125623 IMG_20180620_084641

What more? Once you are here, you simply have to do nothing. There’s zero internet (literally, unless you are BSNL types) and Dilsher Mann, the Owner will make sure that you enjoy this no network stay in his well curated property. Simply freshen up, take a walk around, head straight to the river at the backside, where you can do fishing, sit, gaze and admire nature. Or, if you like some indulgence, there’s a cutesy restaurant where you can enjoy the freshly-cooked meals, on order. That’s kind of a bespoke experience, as the local chef is always around, ready to take your orders and offer local flavours just like that…

And, if that’s not enough, then hit the roads and go adventurous. The resort arranged once fantastic visit to a rustic village Sarchi. We got to see the rural life at such high altitudes. There’s a lot more to do even otherwise. There’s Jalori Pass, if you don’t wish to visit the local villages,  trek to Serolsar Lake, or even to Raghupur fort, the one that we opted for. The view and the trekking experiencing is absolutely mesmerizing.


Coming back to the resort is like coming back to your home. As the rooms are done elegantly giving it a very homely feel. You relax comfortably, enjoy the hot water bath that’s provided with a fab installation of wood-fired boiler.

There’s recreational stuff too, for the sporty you! Enjoy some midst the chirping birds that are exotic in all sense, or, the barking of the in-house Tibetan Mastiff (TAR is a pet-friendly resort). And, if you are done with all, and don’t wish to go back to your rooms, don’t forget there’s river for you to sit at the bank of it.

Tirthan Valley is a destination not to be missed. For, it has much more to offer than what your Google search has been telling or showing you. And, with resorts like TAR around, you are sure that your stay is well taken care.

Just Travel!