Love Your Gut With Yakult


It’s never too late to say yes to a healthy lifestyle, and above all healthy eating habits. Thanks to the present day fad for fitness and well-being, there is a growing awareness towards wellness.

We have been focusing quite a lot on “Eat Healthy” but have you ever thought about drinking healthy too? Indeed not as the digestive system is the least concern area for most of us. You’ll be surprise to know that our overall immunity primarily begins from the digestive system. And, consuming the right drink can help is built that immunity. Yakult , one of the best-know probiotic (fermented milk) is one such milk drink that can protect your gut, and help you in your overall well-being.


The Right Bacteria for the Perfect Digestive System

Yakult India recently had this exclusive session with the select digital influencers from the capital city. That’s where we got to know that the brand has exclusive probiotic – L.casei strain Shirota, LcS in short that makes the probiotic unique.


Dr. Neeraja Hajela , Head Science & Regulatory Affairs, Yakult Danone, India gaive a wonderful insight during the brief session. She told us that how LcS was discovered in 30s by Dr.Minoru Shirota, a Japanese scientist that turned out to be a revolutionary invention then. Today, Yakult is consumed in more than 38 countries and India is sure an upcoming region in it,” she summed.



Why Yakult?

That’s what our readers or for that matter anyone would like to know in general, right? Well, there are ample reasons to got for this perfectly healthy drink, and goog bacteria for your gut is the key reason. The LcS works in your digestive system and increases the number of beneficial bacteria thus, making it difficult for the harmful bacteria to take over. Additional, this bacteria helps in digestion, make vitamins and stimulate immune cells. All this is needed because we in today’s time are leading an erratic lifestyle , stressful routine and fatigue resulting in horribly bad immune system.

Now, that’s quite an insight you see. So, how about a bottle of Yakult from now on? And, guess what? The brand has recently launched Yakult Lite that’s less on sugar. so, you have choice to choose from…