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The world of Lego has fascinated for decades now, not just the kids but even the adults. The curiosity of creating picturesque models that narrate endless stories and fantasies is the highlight of one of the most sought-after toy brands Lego.

The brand has been in India for a while and has added some newest attractions that will appeal your kids this festive season, for sure.

Arctic Air Transport by Lego India..

Arctic Air Transport

We decided to experience and try out the newest Arctic Air Transport, considering we’ve a little reviewer in our team. As always, Lego never disappoints with it’s systematic detailing and packaging. This cutesy set comprises of a super-duper quadrocopter that’s on an expedition and is set to excavate millions year old Saber-toothed tiger. This one is beautifully encased in a white care with translucent blue combination. There is a pilot of course, and the excavator, all decked up in the best of his avatar.


What Steals the Show is this, of Course!

We liked the little detailing, the stickers that create the complete imagery and the storyline but what steals the show is this chopper that has all the aesthetic elements that would woo a kid or even an adult. It’s easy to follow the steps or instructions and in no time, your arctic expedition is all set to roll.

What We Observed

It would be interesting to see if the brand can come up with a better replacement for the poly-packs for their set boxes. Also, if there’s can be a dedicated store in India that can take the used Lego items as it’s such a beauty that you can’t let it go in trash once your kid is done with his/her previous Lego box..