Fitness Resolution with Soy Protein this 2019


If you have been pondering over your New Year’s resolution, and wondering if 2019 can be all about a fitter and slimmer you or not? Well, it actually can and all it takes is Soy Protein- a perfect add-on to your regular diet. Let Soy be your new diet partner this New Year and we tell you how this turns out to be a healthy choice for a beautiful you!


Soy Protein, Your New Diet Buddy

From bollywood celebs to global chefs, everyone is making Soy Protein their new diet buddy. Celebrities like Madhuri Dixit Nene posts her Tofu dishes that she loves to indulge in every now and then. Their are international vegan chefs who keep creating delish recipes with soy protein as the key ingredient. So, if you’ve been planning to shift on a high- protein diet, especially, proteins that are full of all the nine important amino acids, let 2019 be your year of super healthy protein diet.

“Soy protein is a good protein option for those who are lactose intolerant. Also, since it’s naturally cholesterol-free so great for your heart and a perfect choice for people with BP issues. Additional, it has high vitamin B1 and thiamine, which is actually good for our muscles and nerve health, says Delhi-based Nutritionist & Author Kavita Devgan. 

However, she does have a caution suggestion. “Intake of anything is bad and it stands true for soy protein as well. Consuming too much of this protein is not a good idea as it contains progesterone that might disrupt your hormones. Soy protein also contains photic acid, which might again can interfere with the absorption of calcium, zinc and magnesium,” sums author to ‘Ultimate Grandmother Hacks’. 


Balancing Act with Soy Protein 

We all know that nothing can beat nutrients that are extracted in the most natural form , or, are consumed in the closest natural form. And, soy protein is one such example that makes a wonderful choice when it comes to natural proteins. Although it’s best to get protein through your diet, supplementing it with a combination of whey and casein is also a good choice; as long as you tolerate dairy well as both these come from milk.

Which basically means that balancing your soy nutrients with a combination or, in a form that’s well-suited for your body type is the way out. Like, food expert & influencer Neha Khatri from Punjab believes in mixing soy protein in her regular atta to cook healthy chapattis for her family. ” I want my soy protein but in a milder form in the regular Indian cuisine. This combination is a win-win for the family, says Neha.

It’s time to take your protein resolution for 2019 and what better way than the soy way!