Soy Protein for Growing Kids, a Healthy Choice


A healthy eating habit that’s developed and maintained from an early age in a child is certainly the key to his/her over-all well-being throughout life. This is a known fact and most mother make sure to offer a nutritious diet to her kid right from the beginning. But how often do you particularly take care of your child’s protein requirement, one of the most essential building blocks?

That’s where Soy Protein comes in as this is one food that can be comfortably added to our child’s diet for his assured health today and in future too.


“My 12-year old daughter is into active sports and is a tennis player in her school’s sports team. Often her coach suggests me to add high protein in her diet and being a vegetarian, I’m always confused about how should I add the right protein in her diet. I’m apprehensive about protein powders as I usually see fitness freaks going for it, and when it comes to soy-based, there are different studies that can easily confuse any caring mother,” says Dr. Supriya Himanshu of This is not just our story, this is exactly how most mother out there look at protein diets. Well, it’s time to break the myth and check the reality.

Introducing Soy Protein to Kids

As you all know and also read in our previous posts that soy is a high-quality protein source and has all the nine active amino acids needed for your overall health, introducing soy to your child at an early age is the ideal way of providing essential nutrients. Soy provides calcium, zinc, iron and folate that are much needed for the right growth and development.

“Considering soy doesn’t have a flavour of it’s own, I can prepare make dishes and recipes suited to my child’s taste buds. Usually, a soy paratha or something in Chinese is loved by my kids,” says Pune-based Anjana Phadke, mum to 10 and 4 year old sons. Though she’s still reluctant to the idea of soy powder direct intake and thus, combines it with cereal grains or other flours for creating a balance.


Soy Powder & it’s Benefits

As goes the saying that once a good foundation has been established, there is less chance of getting distracted. Same goes for soy protein, once your child gets used to soy in daily diet, they will not find it unusual or something that is forced upon at a later age. A lot of research and studies in this direction have actually stressed on the fact that soy protein directly lowers cholesterol in children while providing high-quality protein with less fat along with the fact that a higher protein intake in diet increases satiety so if your child feels fuller after eating two soy parathas, it’s perfectly fine.

Soy protein is one of the best ways of providing a balanced and a complete diet to not just your child but for your entire family. The right nutrition for the right development has to be the key mantra in today’s hectic life, so why not the Soy protein way!