Happy Heart With Soy Protein this International Womens Day


This is your special day and why not celebrate the healthy, hearty way? Yes, heart is your key to happiness, a healthy heart leads to an active and positive ‘You’. And, there is no guessing to what can make your heart healthy and healthy- a diet that’s loaded with the right nutrients, of course.


Soy, one of the most potent proteins that has been recognized by nutritionists for decades as rich sources of high-quality protein is pretty much good for your heart as well. The wide array of soy-based foods provides many such options to love your heart ans take care of it the way you always wished. While most soy-food and recipes are low in saturated fat and cholesterol free, they are high in complete protein, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and other beneficial nutrients.

Glass with Soy Milk and beans on wooden background
Glass with Soy Milk and Beans, Perfect for a Healthy Heart!

Soy-Complete Heart-healthy Food

Not many are aware that Soya is rich in nutrients like PUFAs (poly-unsaturated fatty acids), which makes it amazing for your heart health. They have good potential to lower blood cholesterol. Additional, Soy being a good source of omega-3, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants make it a complete heart healthy food. You can make some delish recipes using soy in forms like Tufu, Cheese, Milk, soy flour and soy nuts.

Some quick tips for soy consumption would be – Grab a soy-based nutrition bar to curb hunger pangs while on the go.. Get a cholesterol-free start to the day with a cup of delicious soy yogurt. Avoid eating chips or kurkure and swap it with roasted soy nuts. During breakfast, you can top your salads with soy crumbles to add that perfect crunch. And for your deserts, make a protein-packed smoothie with a soy protein powder blended with soy milk and your favorite fruit.


As part of a heart healthy diet, soyfoods in a variety of forms can be easily swapped for foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Although all beans are rich in protein, soybeans are exceptional for both their quality and quantity of this nutrient. They also provide a significant source of iron, which is present in a form that appears to be well absorbed even in the presence of phytate.5

This IWD, take a pledge to make your heart happy, the Soy way!