What to do with old sarees – 10 Creative Hacks


The most traditional outfit in India is the saree, in our tradition we prefer that saree should be wear by girl or women at any function because it graces the beauty of females. However, modern girls do wear saree at traditional functions especially the chanderi saree is the most preferable worn by girls. But we do not prefer to wear the same saree again and again and do not want to spend more money to buy new saree. So, we can reuse the old saree with some creative hacks. In this article, I will help you by providing top 10 creative hacks to reuse your old chanderi saree in a very beautiful way.

Old is Gold! Re-style your Sarees Creatively…

#Best10 hacks to reuse old chanderi saree

Make a table runner with an old saree

Have you got bored by wearing the old saree again and again and do not want to throw it away then it is the right time to reuse it? You can make a table runner with an old saree which you can use on the table and it will give a royal look to your dining table. Not only for the dining table but also you can make a table cloth for your center table as well by using different color chanderi saree.

Make palazzo pants with old saree

Reusing the old cloth is a very great idea and when we talk about the old chanderi saree then are numerous things we can do with old saree. One of the great ideas is that we can make a palazzo pant with old saree. You just need to cut the old saree in the shape of palazzo pant and then sew it. You can also use different lace and other decorative things on your palazzo pant to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Make decorative hand potli with old saree

If you do not want to make any dress from the old saree then you can do one thing with the saree that is you can make hand potli to carry stuff. These hand potlis are very attractive and looks amazing if you make them with chanderi saree. Potli can be easy going with the traditional ethnic dresses such as saree, suit, and palazzo dress. You can use different patchwork on the potli to make it more attractive. So, this is also a great idea to reuse the old saree.

Reuse your old saree as a new dupatta

Yes, this is a brilliant idea as in our present fashion there is a way of carrying heavy dupatta with a simple and lightly designed suit. So, if you have old chanderi saree which gives a contrast to your new suit then you can cut it into the desired size and then use it as a dupatta. Along with that to give the more authentic dupatta look you can also make tassels on both ends of the dupatta and it will definitely look great.

Reuse your old saree by making a new dress

Well, when we get bored with our old saree what we do? We used to throw them out because we do not want to wear it again but this is not a long time solution. You can reuse that old saree and make a new dress. You can make Lehnga or gown with your saree because this is now in a fashion to wear contrast lehnga or a traditional gown. So, if you want to a new dress and you already have old saree with an amazing tailor then make your new dress at home without spending more money.


Make bed cover or pillow cover with your old saree

Above mention idea of making lehnga with old saree is not only enough one however; you can also make bed cover and pillow cover with your old saree. In India, as we noticed that the house maker does not want to waste anything and they have good sewing skills which these women used. And with the help of their amazing sewing skills, you can also make bed covers and pillow covers for your bed and pillow with the reuse of old saree. So, if you do not need a new dress then give a new look to your bed with old saree.

Make curtains with old saree

Have you been stuck in a situation where you have a beautiful saree which you have worn a lot of time but do not want to throw it away? And still, you do not know what should you do keep this saree with you then you do not need to worry more I am giving you the idea to keep this saree with you. You should make curtains with your old saree for your room. Yes, this is a truly brilliant idea though which you do not need to throw the saree away and you can keep it with you.

Make Anarkali suit or a long jacket with your old saree

Yes, you can do this with your old saree that you can make new cloth such as a new Anarkali suit or a long jacket to wear it on the palazzo dress. So, for this, you have to select your old saree first and then you have to make the contrast with your new suit or your palazzo dress so that the jacket looks good. If the contrast looks good then what are you waiting to show your amazing sewing skills and make a new dress with your old chanderi saree?

Make phone cover or laptop cover

A few months ago I went to Jaipur and I found that people used to carry traditional things with them. They used to have some ethnic phone covers especially the girls of Jaipur. So, from that time I thought that we can also do the same with the old saree. So, if you have old saree then you can make your own designed phone and laptop cover which actually look beautiful and ethnic.

Make ethnic tote bags

Girls are fond of bags and they love to have new and numerous bags in their wardrobe. So, if you have old cotton saree and either you are a college going girl or an office going women a tote bag is perfect for you. So, take your old saree and make your own new tote bag which is attractive and beautiful.

All the above ideas mentioned are really helpful and we believe that with these ideas you do not need to spend more money. You can do this with a small amount as well so, if you are getting bored with your old saree then transform it into a new amazing product.