Nature-friendly Protein Preference- Say Yes to Soy!


Protein, one of the key essential nutrients has been putting a lot of us in dilemma. Especially, the ones who have been on the animal-protein diet and have been making the conscious choices now. Going the environment-friendly way is the best way for a healthy and guilt-free you.

Not many of you know that Soy protein is the only commercially-viable plant protein that is considered to be a complete, high-quality source of protein. It is the most sustainable and environment-friendly source of protein that is said to leave the smallest carbon footprint. If, you compare it to analyzed animal sources, such as milk, beef, pork, or poultry and we’ll tell you how.


Making Sustainable Protein Choice With Soy

The earth’s climatic changes have a lot to do with the food choices we humans make. As the production of crops, the yields, and the livestock production are primarily based on human needs. While livestock leaves devastating environmental footprint, high-quality soy foods have great sustainability benefits. With a carbon footprint that is 8 to 80 times lower than animal-based protein, the production of soy protein demands pretty much lesser energy, land and water. Additional, it doesn’t even the methane and nitrous oxide emissions typically associated with animals, especially ruminants. Even the very lowest impact of meat and dairy products cause much more environmental harm than the least sustainable vegetable growing.


Soy Protein, A better Alternative to Meat & Dairy

With people turning vegan and vegetarian by and by globally, making some healthy protein choices is certainly the need of the hour. Your diet can never be minus protein at you need the vital amino acids, which are mostly found in Soy (precisely 9 of them). So the alternative to meat and dairy are some amazing variety of soy, like, organic tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt, tempeh, and edamame. These low emission foods keep the carbon down and supply adequate amino acids that body needs. The tasty soy chaaps that you find is most restaurants and on street these days are a perfect mock meat delicacy. Apart from that, you can also try making recipes such as meat-free burgers by replacing the tikki with soy, chicken patties to soy patties just to name a few.

It’s time for us to make some guilt-free and environment-friendly choices when it comes to food. Let’s begin with Soy, this time!