Saturday, March 23, 2019

'You', the Alpha woman! Always on the move...Be it a Career, Family, Kids, are on your toes, and busy 24X7. If you thought that while you pushed the throttle & swung the steering, what used to be 'You', or could have been 'You', fell overboard...Well, it's there for you to re-discover. Take a U-turn with AWSW & get updated with the newest in Lifestyle!!


1. AWSW does not entertain product sourcing claim by the brands, if the same has not been taken back by the brands within 90 days from the date of the issue…

2. In case of any ‘serious’damage to the sourcing products, AWSW assures to refund the amount either in form of’exclusive coverage’, or’Ad Space’ with mutual agreement with the aggrieved party!

3. No amount refund claim on any sourcing products from any brand, be it national or international, be it Beauty or Fashion, F&B, Decor, Gadget, Appliances, jewellery brand, will be entertained by AWSW, unless the product is in’serious’ damaged condition!

4. AWSW requests all the PRs/Brands to go through this disclaimer before sending any email confirmation for editorial sourcing…

5. Any sort of cab arrangement provided by the PR for media related events doesn’t guarantee an exclusive coverage in lieu of the same. The event & it’s importance to AWSWreaders will be weighed before assuring the coverage…

6. Cab pooling with different other media while attending events, isnot acceptable to AWSW unless their is a genuine need of it. It may result in a Pooledcoverage for whichAWSW is not responsible…

7. AWSW digital space is not available for running brand contests or promotions, unless there is a monetaryinvolvement.

8. Any FAMs arranged by PRs/Brands, don’t guarantee a quick or exclusive coverage.Advertorials are our first priority, and such editorial features can be put on hold, in case of urgency of Advertorials!

9. AWSW is open forproduct barters & related tie ups, but doesn’t guarantee if the same will be used among readers. It will be anEditorial call & AWSWis not answerable for it!

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